Seeking two former Drill Instructors
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    Seeking two former Drill Instructors

    There are two Marines I am trying to get in touch with.

    The first Marine is my former Senior Drill Instructor, SDI SSgt. Michael Sparkman, who was in charge of platoon 2065, 2nd Battalion, Fox Co. at MCRD Parris Island from May to September 2003. I learned after my injury that we were his last platoon as a drill instructor, and I would like to reach him.

    The second Marine I believe was a student going through the Drill Instructor school at Parris Island, as I encountered him several times during boot camp, though he was wearing only the service charlies with a garrison cover, instead of a campaign cover. But by the time I was injured and released from the hospital, he was a full Drill Instructor with a green web belt and campaign cover, and in fact was the one who came to the hospital to pick me up so that I could attend the Eagle, Globe and Anchor ceremony. His name and rank at the time were I believe DI Sgt. Vahn (sp?).

    I have pictures of both Marines if I am allowed to post them.

    Thank you all for any help or information you could provide. These two Marines are the reason why, even after six years, I have not yet lost the determination to once again enlist in the Marine Corps and earn the privilege to stand among them.

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    Googling with the help of one of the site's members, I think I may have found my former SDI. But I am not sure how to verify this.

    1st Sgt. Michael E. Sparkman
    2nd AA BN Delta Co.
    UNIT 73580
    FPO AE 09510-3580

    Does anyone have any advice as to how I could go about looking for more information?

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    Do you have MOL access?

    You could cross reference names there.

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    I am trying to locate my Drill Instructors as well. I was in platoon 2063 that graduated from Parris Island on 10/27/1981. The Senior was SSGT Krause and the DI's were Sgts Ishmail and Mazenko. Sadly, I heard through the grapevine that Krause and Ishmail may have passed away. If anyone knows James Mazenko, I would just like to thank him for making me into a Marine. Any info you could provide would be helpful! Thanks and Semper Fi.

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    McClendon, I was there with you in PI. I was just doing a search for our old platoon and found this post. I remember that nasty injury when it happened. We wanted you to be able to graduate with us when it happened. Man, I remember Sgt. Exlos getting on you at prayer time. I know its been a couple of years since you posted, but I hope you found your way back into the Corps.

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