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    Anyone else 20100208 MCRDPI? I've only found like two people so far.

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    20100419 Mcrdpi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jwmartinez View Post
    hey man i see that were both leaving the same day for PI and and we both have a 03XX contract. see you on the yellow footprints lol
    cant wait to meet you both..see yall there

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    I'll see you 3 there as well 20100125 :]
    joemoskalow we will probably be on the same flight/bus ride since we are both from NJ

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    just got my ship date pushed back
    was 20100719
    now 20100823
    but at least i got to keep my same mos

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    20100119 MCRDPI
    B6 Ground Option

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    20100315 MCRDSD
    1812 Reservist
    I got lucky with my early ship date!

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    ship date: 20100809

    MOS: 60XX

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    20100907 MCRDSD
    (soon to be) 03xx

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    MCRD Parris Island
    Open Enlistment

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    Quote Originally Posted by ONeill65 View Post
    I have the same ship date as you. see you at the footprints!
    Wure u from bro?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tater21 View Post
    MCRD Parris Island
    Open Enlistment
    dang, first I've seen on here with that date.
    I'll be on the other side of the country though.

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    I had the 20100405 ship date until I got the chance to ship a couple weeks earlier and jumped on it.

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    11 days till I ship. Anyone else?

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