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    Quote Originally Posted by Conner3122 View Post
    Annually means once a year.
    Yea, I explained the difference between this and our monthly functions..

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoneWanderer View Post
    Got a new ship date:

    Aviation Electronics Technician

    IST Scores:
    Pull-ups: 12
    Crunches: 45 (Really need to work on these)
    1.5 Mile: 11:36
    At least I found someone who has the same ship date as me! Glad to mee you. Do you have facebook?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rphilbrick911 View Post
    MCRDPI 20120521
    Got the same date... PM me bro!

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    Anyone else have the ship date 20120416? 0321 here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HickmanIV View Post
    One more week till we leave! Excited, nervous, and honored to have the opportunity to go earn the title of Marine.
    Pi or Sd?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dinkus View Post
    Yep, we have a monthly function. But this was our annual two day weekend function at the air base with DIs. Just got back earlier today.

    Run- 12:10
    Crunches- 60
    Pullups- 10

    This is improvement since I swore in so I'm still improving!
    Congrats man keep up the good work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conner3122 View Post
    Anyone else have the ship date 20120416? 0321 here!
    HAHA! Have fun dude, you'll be picking up with Alpha. Your ass is going to get trained, when you do pick up ask your J hat or Senior about Price C and see what they say lulz.

    You are lucky though, lead series commander Captain Marston is a BAMF, mustang former DI who went to OCS, then fought in Sangin with 3/5 as the scout/sniper platoon leader. Just PRAY Sgt. Razo is your J hat, I'm not sure what platoon he's going to for your cycle. If you're in 1001 Sgt Weaver is going to be your Senior... you'll get trained..

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    Anyone else shipping 20121029 MCRDSD?

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    PWN you were Alpha Co? Haha he's right, you'll break records. Just hope you get Ssgt. Roberts as a senior, he's a ****ing badass. If Sgt. Sanchez or Ssgt. Downing are one of your hats, you're gonna earn that title

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    MCRDPI: 20120723 Combat Support

    ASVAB: 88

    Last IST:
    PU: 19
    Crunches: 107
    1.5 mi: 9:55

    Last PFT:
    PU: 20
    Crunches: 95
    3 mi: 20:47

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    My ship date actually got moved up to 20120402 this morning! But ill keep all that in mind!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miguel Lugo View Post
    Ship Date: 20120618
    MOS - CM ( Construction / Utilities option )

    First IST (pre-DEP):
    10 pull-ups
    55 crunches
    12:55 1.5 mile

    New IST:
    20+ pull-ups
    104 crunches
    9:45 1.5 mile

    What MCRD are you going to? PI or SD

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    What MCRD are you going to? PI or SD
    I'm going to San Diego

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    Ship Date: 04062012
    MOS: 4600 Combat Camera
    MCRD Parris Island
    Pay Grade: E-2

    Good to go

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    Ship date changed

    Ship date moved from 20120416 to 20120402!! 2 MORE WEEKS!!

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