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    So no ones shipping on 20110105? To MCRD PI

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    well im sure SOMEONE is you wont be the only recruit :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tmac73 View Post
    well im sure SOMEONE is you wont be the only recruit :P
    Well I'd he'd have someone to go with him, 1 recruit alone with all the Drill Instructors? .... hey he'd get a perfect 300 on the PFT... not to mention every other test haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by dionna23 View Post
    Lol! I know a joke when i see one!! lol. but i hope you're there! lol and i SOOOOOO CAN kick your "arse" in ball lol.
    Alright, so when you graduate, and I graduate, you owe me a game, and when I scrape you on the court, and leave you feeling like a civilian again, you owe me a T-bone steak. lmao.

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    20101101 Mcrd Sd

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    Lol I know I won't be ther only recruit =) haha

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    This Poolee's ship date is 20110627 and his MOS is:
    13xx (Open Contract for now, had a snafu at MEPS )

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    I ship out on 20110801 and my MOS is 0300 Infantry

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    5 more days left for 20100907 shippers!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BTRoorah View Post
    5 more days left for 20100907 shippers!!
    See you there

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    This Poolee's Ship Date is 20100920

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    Sec Forc

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    Quote Originally Posted by NC 910 View Post
    See you there
    Scratch that.. I was told my Mos would be changed if I ship early which would be on 07 but I decided not to..

    20101206 is my shipdate again.

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    20110711 MCRDSD
    0311 days left until I ship! I hope I will get 0311 but for now it's just 03xx

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    20110711 !!

    any female Poolees on this date?

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