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    Quote Originally Posted by Cellinheim View Post
    HAHA I have more fun than most of you Poole's without the fear of **** happening!

    To answer your question, yes I am married happily. It is with her blessing that I join the Corps, she is more into this life change at the moment than I am lol.
    The ladies love Marines, especially in dress blues.

    From what I hear though, most fellas don't know what to make of woman Marines. I'll let you know how that all works out... lol. But, back on topic; 20101011. Still looking for people shipping to P.I. on that date. A lot of guys from RSS are shipping that day, but they'll all be going to San Diego. I've only seen one female with a ship date even close to that, I think it was 20101025 or something. Sucks.

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    Still looking for my ship date moved to earlier time woo

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    yea same here, your the only one i know so far

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    Its good because I cant wait to go, but then again its going to be hot as hell for the entire boot camp.

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    Haha I dont wanna hear any complaining when we get there and the heat index is 115 lol

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    5 yr. Contract

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    20101018... anyone share this leave date?

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    PI.. send me a message if you share this leave date 20101018

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    20100907 PI anyone??

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