Compensation question.
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    Compensation question.

    Hey Marines,
    Cpl. Butler here I had a quick question about some benefits. I am rated 50% threw the VA for PTSD. I got rated in nov 2007 and got back pay since my EAS and a check every month since than. My question is that I got Married on Jan 26th 2008 and was looking around the VA website and saw the pay charts for 50% disabled Marines and than It said Veteran with spouse and it was more money i am getting 770 a month now and w/ a spouse its 845 a month and i have yet to receive that amount yet. So more of the story is after i got married i went to my OPC to let them know and they said something along the lines that they where a Fiscal year behind so i couldn't let them know i was married till the next year. Well I didn't want to deal with it all and i was moving so I forgot and never let the VA know i was married. My basic question is do you get more for being married and did they just pull my strings or is there something to this year behind stuff? If they are just jerking me around what about back pay? Let me know Marines, I am confused as hell about this. OOH RAH!

    Cpl. Butler, Emerson (OIF Combat Veteran / Squad Leader)

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    They would owe you back pay from when you was married. in the form you get with that packet it explains if you have a rating more than 30 percent then you have to notify them if your material status changes and or dependants. this is off my head but I just recently recieved my disbality rating so i kinda rember what it says without looking at the package. I am currently at work so i cant look at it.

    Now here is a number you can call and you can talk to a person about this and they will help you.
    1-800-827-1000 now this is for Cleveland Ohio but they should be able to direct you on who to call and stuff. i just deal with them becuase i am from Ohio.

    Hope this helps you out.

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    you need to file all that stuff with deers if you're in the IRR and then submit the stuff through your Veterans service guy... VFW,DAV, etc.

    then you should get the money... not sure how far back but you should get the correction. and they do have a veteran W/ dependants... I only get like 70 dollars more though...

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    Call the 1-800-827-1000. Ask the rep to send you the dependent form, fill it out, submit a copy of your marraige cert with it and then it will be forwarded to your VSO/ DAV in your state. It takes about 3 months for processing. You will not get retro from the time you got married but from the time your paperwork was received and timed and date stamped.
    Semper Fi,

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    The form you need is a VA form 21-686c, Declaration of Status of Dependents. Complete the form and send in a copy of your marriage certificate. If you have any dependent children, include the info on them as well. You will receive additional amounts of compensation for each dependent once you have a 30% rating. Processing generally takes about 60 to 90 days. The 1-800-827-1000 phone USED to connect you to the nearest VA Regional Office, however, since 04-01-2008, that number will connect you with a regionalized phone bank that is usually no where near your RO. Your luck in getting relavent information from the 800 number since 04-01-2008 is strickley hit and miss.

    Semper Fi

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