My Life - An Iraq Memoir
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    My Life - An Iraq Memoir

    I figured I'd do someone a favor and spread the word.

    He's a former Marine whos now an Army Intel Spook and he hooked us (A group of Marine gamers that I sometimes play video games or just shoot the breeze with) up with a preview of what he's got.

    I decided that I'd take my chances and actually produce a film thats not related to ArmA. Much of this was filmed by myself and other Soldiers over a year ago during the Surge, however, the remaining portions will be completed next year following my fourth deployment to Iraq. The rough cut of "My Life" was released to major media outlets for review almost nine months ago and was largely well received. So, without any further B.S., here is the trailer for "My Life - An Iraq Memoir".


    Anyhoo, here is the official trailer made by myself and a buddy who is far better at video editing than me. No idea why it's so crunched down though.

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    hmmmm neither are actually that good and the quality isn't any better than typical youtube videos.

    However hopefully it shows people what iraq is really like so they better understand why we come back a bit different.

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    Well like the man said, its just a rough cut so far. So we'll see how the edited bit turns out. But being he's an amateur I'm not expecting Academy Award film editing

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    Lol true true!

    Hope it turns out well for him though

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    Yeah that 12 months over and little dwell time (6 months?) in the Army has to stink. I swear my buddies that went into the Army have spent more time overseas than CONUS. But I all ready know from Marine experience that Intel is a highly demanded field over there so I'm not surprised if they are taking lots of them back over there.

    Still... Oorah 6 in 6 out... I think somewhere I read they wanted to make dwell time 12 months. Means more units might end up deploying but... it'd be nice for those that are constantly going to get a break.

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