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    Doc,that's a dapper Tee, fitting for every Corpsman that took care of us in Vietnam.

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    Thanks Phantom,i will know something wife is going with me,told me we will get through this and to suck it up and be the Marine that i aways have been.She has had cancer and beat it!.Shes is a better Marine than I am sometimes and never enlisted in the Corps.Semper Fi my brothers and sisters

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    SGT JIM....PLEASE do not worry yet. Wait for the test results, and I'm sure your Doctor will have options for you. One step at a time....PLEASE. Gonna' light a candle for you tomorrow, and ask for God to give you support.....ALWAYS FAITHFUL....DOC

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    Thanks Doc,it means alot coming from you and all my Marines and Corpsmens,don,t have a lot of friends except on here.Semper Fi

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    Prayers goin out to you Sgt Jim,may the good lord watch over you always...
    Semper Fi Brother...

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    Doc,Phantom,Ecfree. Thank you! the good news is the xrays were clear,the blood test showed that i am border line diabetic,in the family, triglycerides are high,bad cholesterol is bad or high,good cholesterol is low.still have to have a c-t scan done on my neck area,but it looks like i will be around here a little while longer.said i will have to stop smoking,the Gunny/wife/boss will see to that.again thank you all for the prayers,i know where my friends are,right here! Semper Fi

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    GREAT NEWS, you old fart!! Prayers do work, I'm living proof! We're ALL with you, JIMBO!!...........SEMPER FI.....Doc Greek

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sgt Jim View Post
    Doc,Phantom,Ecfree. Thank you! the good news is the xrays were clear,the blood test showed that i am border line diabetic,in the family, triglycerides are high,bad cholesterol is bad or high,good cholesterol is low.still have to have a c-t scan done on my neck area,but it looks like i will be around here a little while longer.said i will have to stop smoking,the Gunny/wife/boss will see to that.again thank you all for the prayers,i know where my friends are,right here! Semper Fi
    High cholesterol,high triglycerides,lo good cholesterol,,,
    Welcome to the club,I have the same problems,but I do not have the border line diabetis....That c-t scan will probably show degenerative discs in the neck....
    Hey Jim you're the picture of good helth...that some meds will take care of.....You're okay brother,you'll be around for a long time....Semper Fi....

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    Glad to hear Sgt Jim....have the same problems except for the diabetes. However the sawbones keep one day they will probally say I have that too.

    If they give you dye for the thyroid CT drink plenty of fluids afterward so you won't be a glowing at night.

    Still in the thoughts and prayers!


    Chuck Hall

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    HEY!....what if JIM gets a pain in the BUTTT?? They might have to do an Adadicktome, and throw away the xtra parts!!!!!....DOC

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    Ouch!!!!!!!!!! Lol

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    Hey Doc Greek,Just wanna say-Greetings to you-and everyone else.This morning-about 0500-I responded to a few replies.I do not see them posted.One reply -was to HM2-Or HM1-Haas-who says He Doesn't remember me.I wrote three-messages-back to him;but cant find them.I don't know how to work this -little-box answer thing.I just want to say-a few-things about Haas-Corpsman-Echo-Co,1ST.Batt-28 Marines-5Th Marine Div 1967-1968.Yeah Haas-did give supplies out to company-aid men.He also attended-Bar-And made a good "Tombstone-Pizza" in twenty minutes.One guy that worked the bar with him,was Zabbitol-or something like-that.He was on his third marriage-A real Salty-Navy type-who took some type-of diet pill and beat up his wife.Do you remember that? Haas.We were good friends-you and I Haas.I'm from the Bronx,New York.Do you remember Chief White?;the best Navy Chief.You were a good Corpsman-You did your job, perfect.Do you remember Terry Branson-He was an undertaker by profession.Do you remember this corpsman from Arizonia-who used to spray his feet with underarm deodorent.A Corpsman named Finger-another named David Morrison,Emory Fain Lasitter-He had a Blue hatchback Barracuda.I was his sidekick-most of the time.I really have fond memories-of the 62 area.Haas did'nt you like to go through the desert-with a water-can-on your ride.Now there were ten Corpsman -on the Mountout to-Vietnam;by President Johnson-You were one of them Haas.I remember everything like it was yesterday-I some times take some-GinKo-Boloba-but it does'nt help my spelling.Now I'm Going To Tell you-Something Haas-and you should remember this. There were some riots-in our 62 area.There was a Marine lying on the ground-I was a HN at that time.There were two Corpsman standing above-him.They were higher ranked than me-but they froze-I squatted-turned his head,opened his mouth-cleared his airway-blood and fluid came out.That's when I knew I was in the right MOS-8404.From that day on I knew ,I had the Right Stuff for the job.How about a Corpsman named Steve Horst,A Corpsman named David-who used to stuff his supplies-in his jacket. Not a bad idea to not let them-Vietcong-or nva-see that Corpsman bag.I feel a little hurt and angry-that you don't remember me-Haas.It appears that you stayed in the Navy-Not me Baby.One tour in Nam almost killed me.That was enough.The only other thing I can say is that in the EM-Club-where you worked -there was a jukebox-there was a country western song-"Mr Shorty"-I only heard it there.I never heard it again.It was a very popular-song that was played there-Haas you must remember that song
    Doc Greek, and all reading this,Thankyou for letting me in. I also responded to the Corpsman's Birthday-but all of it got lost.Let me just say-May God Protect All Those In Harms Way-Happy Birthday Corpsman--HM3 Wilder-or as Wolfman Jack used to say on XERB-"BYE"

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    Most all us Marines remember our last day in country. For some, the last thing we saw and heard,was a bloodied up worn out Doc. Gripping our hand and telling us to hang in there. Everthing will be alright. We were as close to our Docs as we were our weapons. We couldnt make it without either one. You can treat me anytime Doc. God bless our Corpsmen.

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    Honor goes too the Man that Kills greater Honor goes too the Man that Heals...Your a good Man Doc.G...GodBless You and all the Brave Corpsman Past Present and Future..."Saepius Exertus~Semper Fidelis~Frater Infinitas"

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    Hello Doc Greek,and everyone else-Just read the Ptsd-Stuff.Speaking of VA's--I retired from the Bronx Veterans Medical-Center Hospital-James J. Peters Medical Center.I was a Radiological Technologist-Licensed and Registered.I've been retired for seven years and eight months.I like to say x-ray tech-instead of Rad Technologist-I gave up my registry this year.I'm still licensed-to practice in the state of NY. I graduated from a college that taught the "Radiological-Sciences "I really wanted to be a PA.They did not have this course in NY at that time.So -I knew I liked Medicine-Did'nt want to go five years to pharmacy school.I decided that x-ray could pay my bills.I worked in a few Hospitals in NY-"Lennox-Hill-Beth Isreal-Bronx Leb,Special-Surgery ect.I got hired by the Va-in the Bronx-in1977.I didn't leave until-Sept of 2002.The VA is A tough place to work-if your not a Physician.My Boss was an'' Army-Medic",that did 13 years in the army.He learned x-ray there.He was in VietNam and ran a Army -Evaoc-Hospital.His words to me were (all the time)Wilder YouR Not in Vietnam-You Not in Vietnam-Your Not A Corpsman any more;Your Not In VietNam- Hmmm -Hard to give up-you Corpsman know what I mean.He Retired,Ten years later-He had A CVA-(Stroke) and died in a VA-in Florida.He ran the X-ray Dept well-and was always there for his workers.He cut some-slack to Veteran's that worked there.I used to have problems with "Rage"-against the VA.My fists went through many a plaster wall(cant get me now)They would buy the very best equipment for the Veterans-But as for staffing-forget it-always low numbers.Problems with air-conditioning;for many years.X-Ray Tech's are not treated to well now.Now every x-ray machine is "Photo-Timed" This means you as a tech have no-control over the exposure.There is no more film.Everything is digital .Tele-radiology-sends images over a fiber-optic system anywhere in the world.CT-Scans have turned into a car wash-Get em in-Get em out RawHide-The only thing that still has some "Skill" involved is MRI.While I was working there-I ran into a PTSD-Doctor-named Dr.Bob Levengood- He was a Combat Surgeon in Vietnam.He Did it all-After Nam he wanted to Heal-Veterans Minds and Souls.I met him through my Cosmic Brother-HM3-Nick Wilson-Nick's not here anymore.He O.D.-Nicks one of those guys you meet and you internally-know-"This Guy Not Gonna Live Long"-Anyway Nick introduced me to Dr. Bob-Dr.Bob -talked to me-and said Wilder-you got PTsd-Really I said-Are you sure-it's not VA-Ptsd-I have Both.I applied for it-but got turned down four times.I held my job at the VA-for 25&1/2 years .Looks like you don't have PTSD-look how long you been employed.Your stable,-(they never know what's going on inside).When I got out of the service-I got-10% disability for residuals of Hepatitis-Due to Mononucleosis.I might have gotten more-but I refused a liver biopsy-I didn't want to bleed to death.Your uncooperative-Wilder-Yeah,Right.I wanna live.-----More Great VA-stories later on.......... I remember-something-about HM2 Haas-Echo Co.HM2 Haas would work toe to toe,with corpsman-side by side-doing sick-bay in the Bas.He would get his hands dirty.bloody-and actually working compared to other Corpsman of his rank-and even lower rank.Haas is "STRONG"-that's why they call him Haas.-He's from Louisiana.He took a bullet in Vietnam.Don't be hard on him-The Navy should be proud to have him-and should reward him.He's Super Human -I didn't know he did all that time in the service.What's your rank now-Hass-You should be an officer by now.Haas is a Hard Worker-and an Honest man.He's Officer Material-and always was.He's Proud and Loyal.I give him permission not to remember me-It's Okay-It's like 45 years ago anyway.I cant remember what happened last week. Dr.Greek,your a good guy-I have a friend named Louie-He was a Nuclear-Medicine-Tech-He looks like you and acts like you.He's always Helping People-Lady Faints in a Post-Office-I see her go-down.Louie runs over helps her recover-Guess What her response was: "Wheres My Wallet?" "Wheres My Money"-That's why I have this saying"NO-GOOD TURN GOES UNPUNISHED"-DR.Greek-you do what you do-Your a Good Man.When I was in Da Nam-I was in a Bomb Dump Explosion-outside-MWSG-17.The Corpman did not go to the Air-Strip-WE remained behind-to make sure-there were no trapped Marines- Couldn't Hear anything for a week after that.Because of that April-1969-Bomb Dump-Explosion-Iv"e had a lot of problems from the neck up. sinusitis,abscesses in my teeth,and worst of all "Tinnitus"___Ready for another VA-true-story-Boys and Girls?-I hope I'm Not Boring you-after all,this is Dr.Greek's Page-In 1997-I was on call-to do A ct-Scan on a pt.His-electrolytes-were to low-to bring the Pt-down-to CT.I spoke to the Radiologist-on call-He told me to go-home.I called a cab -Linkn-Town-Car-I'm in the cab-Driver is doing about 50 miles an hour in a 30 MPH-zone.A guy-(under-cover-cop)-shoots out of a white-castle parking lot;and my driver-runs -right into him.Double-Impact accident-I braced myself for impact.The town-car was pretty much destroyed -The police came-and because this under-cover-cop was drunk.I and my cab driver-were not allowed to get out of the car.They took a report-and another cab came to take me home.Now when your on call-you have 1 hour to get to the VA-to do your work.The next day-I had a terrible migraine-headache.The accident happened on a Friday night-I'm on call,t ill the next Friday until 1630.Had a C-(no-Contrast)ct scan-Sat- Negative -result-good.Monday morning regular-shift 0800-to-16:30-I report my accident.I'm told-You had an accident-but the VA-Hospital is not liable under any condition.Even though your on call for the VA-It's just like-if you had a car accident-coming to work normally .I said but if I wasn't on call 'I'd be-home in bed-I would never have had this accident.I applied to Workers Comp-and they told me the same bunch of crap.I got a lawyer for the cab accident,Had MRI's for Cervical spine,and Lumbar-Spine-and found out -I had some herniated discs-and some bulging discs.So I thought I worked for the VA-for a long time-and Since I was A supervisor actually-Acting Chief Tech-I get some slack.............I get this letter from my higher-ups(Strictly-Business)-nothing personal.-Cant do the job-cant have the job.I worked-there -for another five years-I went to Mri-for a year-gave-up my supervisor position-Even as a Supervisor- I always had to do-x-ray work-because there is -No Staff.I only sat to do the attendance,payroll,supplies,and reports.Another chief tech-came-tried to do me in-because she knew the workers were with me.This is what I mean when I say -civilians-took over the VA-System.They Don't Care-Everything is Money,Money,not Veterans-Got That.That chief tech-was interested in taking over the Radiology-Directors job.When He found out she was after-his job.He punished her.......and got her ass fired.......Guess who was Acting Chief Tech again.This director did try to help me with workers-comp-but his hands were tied by the hospital.By this time other employees in Radiology-
    wanted to move up.The Person I taught-CT-was-given the CT-Department.Now when I told her to do something-everything was no-This Person is now Chief Tech-not acting Chief Tech.There Go the Whole System-Baby.Politics-Not Veterans-rule the VA.I could not get a lawyer to challenge-the Workers-Comp-They were afraid of the Gov.People like to play games.Everyone was at Lunch one day-meaning two or three people.I was on the floor-doing pt's.There were a few Quadriplegic-Pt.No-one to help move these Patients-I did their X-rays-and knew it was time to go.I Retired-Bye-----About Three months after retirement.I woke up-With Burglar-Alarms-going off in my head.The car-accident-woke-up -the tinnitus from the bomb-dump-explosion.I could not listen to music,it hurt my ears-the intense burglar-alarm-sound was driving me crazy.I was going insane.I felt like I had claustrophobia-in my head.I couldn't sleep-I went to Montifoure-Hospital-and the told me to make an appointment with ENT.I had no other choice-It was time to throw myself in front of a train.I couldn't take it.That's it-That was the answer.If I had a hand gun-I would have used it.I really thought that I would have to be put away-I didn't want that.Then I thought-people would read about me in the news-and say-Just Another Crazy Vietnam Veteran-So I decided to go to the Bronx Va-ER.......When I got there a Doctor wanted me to do a Ct-Scan on someone.I said I don't even work here any more,I need to see a doctor myself.I was insane-Shrink on call came down-"asked me-DO you want to hurt yourself or anyone else"? We'll now that you mention it Doc.I was given some ada-van-and it helped;for awhile.Look at this-the Va-hospital actually helped me.Now I take Zoloft-and it makes me believe -it's helping me.I see a shrink-once every two months-and she renews my medication.I had some pictures of the 1969 bomb-dump explosion-they found something in my record-about the 1969 bomb dump-explosion -and I received 10% in compensation.Ten percent is all you get.One ear-Two ears-doesn't matter.Now I have border-line diabetes-That's 20% percent-if your foot was on Vietnam Land...This is turning into a book.Sorry-Anyway Doc Greek-how Do I write a private message to you?.There is no-tutorial-Here-Better yet Doc Greek- I want you to call me.I have some information for you.........Allan Wilder-1-718-823-1641-----By the way-Coming to affected my emotions-I'm kind of reliving some of my military-experiences-and tears are running down my eyes also.This never happened before-I am feeling things-experiencing feelings that I didn't know I had.OH-guess which I would rather be-Corpsman-or X-ray tech.X-Ray cant hold a candle compared to being an FMF-Marine Corpsman.It's not even in the same realm-of medicine,Once again Doc Greek-thank you for letting me be on your page .HM3 Wilder..Roger-Out-Does This globe remind you of Zappa's Cosmic Debee-Song-or just a bad vaporizer?..........

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