Permission to come aboard
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    That depends on the patrol orders.

    Permission to come aboard

    Last station was the 5th Marines, C company 1/5 from 92-95 looking forward to a rack and some good card games in this barracks if you'll have me. I can still kick arse and take names, if you don't wake me up too early.

    Semper Fi

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    Semper Fi, grunt..Welcome aboard Marine!

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    Cool RPW0311...

    ...No permission needed bro. Iffen you ever wore or currently wear the EGA, this is your barracks too. Welcome aboard.

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    Cool Welcome Aboard


    Welcome, and no permission needed....
    Drop your bags and take a seat, and read some fine stories on the Best Marine Site on the net... get confortable and start making your own sea stories.........and always remember to come visit us in the Slope Shute..first drink is on me.
    Welcome again,



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    Talking RPW

    Welcome Aboard Hardcharger!
    Looks like you and I were in around
    the same time 91-95 here. Mi casa
    es tu casa Welcome!

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    Welcome aboard, Marine.

    Did ya wanna start with spades a a quarte a point, or maybe some five card stud at a dollar a card to start? Indian would work, but I don't play for less than five dollars a hand. LOL Grab a rack and get a beer. Good to see you Marine.

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