Looking for tropical shirt
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    Looking for tropical shirt

    I'm trying to find a long sleeve tropical shirt for a MCL member, size 18-18 1/2, sleeve length 33. He needs it for his colorguard uniform. I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks

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    Don't bother, at the 2009 National Convention the tropical shirt used for Color Guard and other ceremonial uniforms was formally rescinded. NO Detachment is authorized to wear them any longer. Our only authorized shirt is now the white "pilot type with epaulets", either short sleeve or long.

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    Thanks for the heads-up. Checked the National website and you're right.

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    i thought the color guard wore Deltas???

    am i missing something?

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    MCL color guard can only wear the white pilot shirt, since the last National Convention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by exnitro View Post
    MCL color guard can only wear the white pilot shirt, since the last National Convention.


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    Marine Corps League

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    Quote Originally Posted by GREY MATTER View Post
    You should look into joining.

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    Been a member of the Marine Corps League since early 1980. Our league has performed well over 300 funeral honors for Former Marines as well as almost any other veteran or service member with an honorable discharge. We have done them in Dress Blues -white shirt black slacks red jacket-undressed blues . As long as all were in the SAME uniform.All family members were very appreciative and impressed that we still "took care of our own".
    The key in my mind is 'Render proper honors with respect and dignity while showing uniformty and compassion to all including the Corps.


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