Plt.1114 MCRD San Diego, graduated April 1993
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    Plt.1114 MCRD San Diego, graduated April 1993

    Just wondering where you Devil Dogs are! Nishiyama? Williams? Sgt. Cortez, Sgt. Lucero, Sgt. Jackson and Senior Drill Instructor Sgt. Sprout!!

    this is Eddie Rivera

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    What day in April??? I was in the 1115, Delta Co. 1st. Lt. Geisler?

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    I wanna say it was April 9th, unless that was visitors Sunday! I think we definitely graduated together at least. Our guide was the son of the base Sgt. Major (Sgt. Major Reese)

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    Yup, he was the most abused Recruit in both Series......... Our guide was BROOKS from Detroit. Do you still have the Red Graduation book?

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    I still got them around here somewhere, I'm gonna have to take a look!

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