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    The only thing not frozen in time was gas prices, I was shocked at $5.29, which was 50 to 80 cents higher than the rest of the state. Lee Vining was about as bad.

    However I was surprised to see Kens Tackle shop still there.

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    Next stop:

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    First look of Pickel Meadow and the old main gate and shack.

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    More pics of the base on Facebook group "Pickel Meadows Memories".


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    hey fellow Marines i'm trying to get into the pickle meadows memories fb page i was sgt smith/smitty from mt from 80 to 84 do i need to be recommended by someone to become a member?i rememeber a lot of names on the fb sight let me know if anyone can help

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    Gentlemen, I will make you all feel young. I was one of the Recon Marines that went to Pickel Meadows when there were just a few Quonset huts to live in and no base at all. 1973-1975, 30-90 days TAD and no personal vehicles. 23 miles to town. MSgt G.L Sydow.

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    ...I was at Pickle Meadows 79-80 Tad ...and remember many many names and situations of those days as if it were only a month ago or so ..(Iwish) right?! ..please let me in on our Alum via Facebook Twitter or Leatherneck etc. ...where are u all?

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    ...I think I know u from Pickle Meadows

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    Ameriken r u really online here ?

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    I was a dispatcher when Cat Man was there.

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    Hellooooo! I was there from 79 to 80 IN THE MOTOR POOL with Cat Man, Starkey, Wubbels, Lauderdale, Kline, Jones, etc.

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    Are you sure? I thought Dave Starkey was diving.

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    Remember Butch McKiver?

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    On my way to Japan I went to Pickel Meadow, never been so cold in my life. First night there 25 below 0 sleeping on the ground under a shelter half, never saw snow in my life. Next morning broke off all shelter pegs even with the ground, never saw frozen ground either, had no shelter from there till done, had to improvise. canteen stayed frozen the whole time as were the rations. Carried everything in a rubberized bag on a packboard.Mickeymouse boots worked well, using the slit trench was a pain, a cold pain in the ass, lots guys had a big scab for a nose, had to drag the guy that was supposed to relieve me on guard out of his sleeping bag. Those are a few of the memories of 1955 at Pickel Meadow

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    Made a stop at Pickle Meadows on way to Korea in 1953.

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