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    The only thing not frozen in time was gas prices, I was shocked at $5.29, which was 50 to 80 cents higher than the rest of the state. Lee Vining was about as bad.

    However I was surprised to see Kens Tackle shop still there.

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    Next stop:

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    First look of Pickel Meadow and the old main gate and shack.

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    More pics of the base on Facebook group "Pickel Meadows Memories".


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    hey fellow Marines i'm trying to get into the pickle meadows memories fb page i was sgt smith/smitty from mt from 80 to 84 do i need to be recommended by someone to become a member?i rememeber a lot of names on the fb sight let me know if anyone can help

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    Gentlemen, I will make you all feel young. I was one of the Recon Marines that went to Pickel Meadows when there were just a few Quonset huts to live in and no base at all. 1973-1975, 30-90 days TAD and no personal vehicles. 23 miles to town. MSgt G.L Sydow.

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    ...I was at Pickle Meadows 79-80 Tad ...and remember many many names and situations of those days as if it were only a month ago or so ..(Iwish) right?! ..please let me in on our Alum via Facebook Twitter or Leatherneck etc. ...where are u all?

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    ...I think I know u from Pickle Meadows

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    Ameriken r u really online here ?

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    I was a dispatcher when Cat Man was there.

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    Hellooooo! I was there from 79 to 80 IN THE MOTOR POOL with Cat Man, Starkey, Wubbels, Lauderdale, Kline, Jones, etc.

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    Are you sure? I thought Dave Starkey was diving.

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    Remember Butch McKiver?

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