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Thread: Fire Watch

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    Fire Watch

    Who's got the Watch?

    Last one in from liberty has the Fire Watch. It's 0310 & I'm down for the count,

    It looks like it's between BarBara and Buzz Hog.

    Semper Fi,

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    01:45 Mountain.

    I got it, boys.

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    Who's got firewatch, boys?

    It's about rack time fer me!

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    Got Yer 6 Bones

    Yep - I got it until the birds get up....... time now is 0446

    Semper FI


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    Fire Watch

    It's my watch now Marine's.
    Rest Easy, everything is under control.

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    Never Fear MARINES

    This MARINE aka a FIREMAN too has fire watch all under control. Bye the way where the hell are the PFC s.

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    Fire Fire


    Ok it's 2400 I'm out checking the posts and I can't find the Fire Watch.

    I had best not catch you in the head smoking!

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    Cool Firewatch UA

    Been wondering myself where the firewatch is??????
    badbob if you find him, we will just have to take him out back and teach him a thing or two................HE HE HE HE
    I know if it was bones, he would be here questioning why we were still up and not in the rack............LMAO



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    Get yer a$$ in the rack, Marines!

    Nobody told ya to be flappin yer pie holes! And get that ***** outta the barracks when I'm on watch!

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    Ok who the hell has the watch. It is 03:00 central time and there is no frigin fire watch. Wait till i find him he is prolly off playing with suzy. Well if anyone finds him i have a little field day project for him


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    Firewatch is mine.

    I got it til 0200. Damn. Where's the duty roster....

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    It's 0226and that "no good for nuthin" Firewatch, is no where to be seen. This is a sad situation

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    Hey! I been here!

    It's yer watch now, Marine! I got a couple other things to do!

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    Ok it is almost 0500 and where is the damn fire watch. Wait till i tell the co Gunny. The fire watch is gonna think suzy was nice.


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    Where's the friggin' firewatch!

    I'm headed fer the rack!

    Those damn grunts out playin' with Suzy rotten crotch again ain't they!

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