April 7, 2003 - Diyala River, Iraq
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    April 7, 2003 - Diyala River, Iraq

    A little over 7 years ago I lost two good friends from my platoon when their AAV was hit by an artillery round. We had been on the receiving end of an artillery barrage that lasted for two days. Our AAVs were set up in the defense and were engaging enemy forces across the Diyala River in Iraq. Right before we crossed the bridge over the Diyala River into the southeast district of Baghdad (Zafaraniya district I think the district was called), an artillery round hit my friend's AAV. The blast blew the hatches off the vehicle and killed the two Marines inside. It contained the explosion, though, from killing all of the infantry to the sides of the vehicle. I raced over there from my defensive position while carrying a Corpsman on my AAV, but it was too late.

    To Corporal Jesus Medellin and Lance-Corporal Andrew Aviles! Even as they gave their lives, they saved the lives of all the Marines around them. I'll see you again when I get to Heaven, brothers!

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    Diyala River 2003

    I was there with you Marine. Although I was in a different unit. I was a combat Engineer with the 8th ESB C. Company unit that put the bridge together for your AAV's and other tracked units to cross into baghdad. I remember the artillery very well, and I can remember the track getting hit. I was on the main road, on the other side of the wall if you can find the picture floating around of the aav that was hit. I have it if you want it(bad memories I know). I was behind a 240 at that time laying rounds across river. I was then pulled off to man the com's between my CO and higher elements. That is when we started the bridge build under fire.

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    Well then

    Seems I'm a few years too late replying LOL, but yea, 8th ESB, Company C, temporarily formed "Weapons" platoon.
    I remember being about a mile out, getting the call for "Corpsman Up" so the doc and my fireteam jump in the back of the Humvee, SSGT Vodetich was driving (he ended up getting a broze star for it I think) was driving, pull marines out of the AAV. Then we blew the **** out of that bridge hahaha. Wrapped line charges around the pillars so we could blow it clean and throw an MGB on top of it.

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    Cpl.F It shall be a Grand Reunion someday Marine...Godspeed to you all the days of your Life it can be a helluva ride Go Easy Semper Fidelis

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