Wish me luck
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Thread: Wish me luck

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    Wish me luck

    This will be the last time I come on here as a Poolee, I leave for MCRDSD on Monday cant wait!

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    Oddly enough that gets me excited.

    Go out there and get some. We'll see you in three months wearing an Eagle, Globe and Anchor.

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    Thank you for your encouragement PFC

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    Good luck get some and ill looking foward to call u marine n be part of ore brotherhood

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    Lotsa luck Gray....looking forward to see your profile status change to Marine!

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    Thank you all for your support I cannot wait to be counted among you, but now i must get off, the next time I sign in I will be a US Marine!

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    Has it been 3 months yet?

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    Good luck!

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    Good luck,bro!
    Go out there give em hell and come back with that title and show it off,so guys like me can go even more crazy waitin on our shot! LOL

    Get Sum!

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    Yeah good luck man, I leave monday also for Paris Island, im so pumped I cant wait. Im sure I will be hating life after the first day though, haha.

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    Run fast, Scream Loud, and Never Quit! Good luck!

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