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    Barracks Cover

    I apologize as I wasn't really too sure where to put this question.

    The barracks cover frame and 2 cloth covers they issue in boot camp is garbage as most people will agree. The frame is what makes it so cheap looking.

    Anyways, I went to the MCX and bought both a white and a green one piece barracks cover. Would it be ok for me to bring both my one piece covers to MCT with me? I know I'm no longer a recruit and just want to make sure that uniformity amongst those who didn't buy the one piece would be allowed.

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    No, they will get messed up in storage, have your parents or so mail them to you when you check in your MOS school, you will just wear your **** cover to MOS school anyway.

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    Appreciate it, LCpl.. I will take that advice and leave them home with the wife.

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    Your welcome, and about the uniformity thing, I think they would prefer the premade barracks covers over the ones you receive during bootcamp, although I have never been inspected with a barracks cover yet, but only worn them in BMP on Fridays when there was graduations.

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    Good choice....Some people never buy anything new...4 years later still wearing Crucible cammies...dirtbags...! You have fun at school now ... SF

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