Honey Bears hit the sweet spot
Submitted by: MCAS Iwakuni
Story Identification Number: 200371618510
Story by Lance Cpl. Ben Slack

MARINE CORPS AIR STATION IWAKUNI, Japan -- During a tour of Japan the Chicago Honey Bears dance team made a five-day visit to the Station in order to perform for residents here.

While on Station the Honey Bears hosted a dance camp for children and performed three shows filled with singing and dancing in many different genres of music.

"The Honey Bears originated from the Chicago Bear football team but are not cheerleaders, rather technically trained dancers and singers. They are professionals that love to perform for the military," said Greg Schwartz, Honey Bears manager.

Before their opening show July 3, the Honey Bears met and ate with Station residents at the Hornets Nest, and then made their way to the Sakura Theater for their initial performance.

During the show the eight-girl dance team performed Broadway, swing, country and street hip-hop dances, and even got the children and some Marines on stage to perform with them.

"We like to get the audience involved as much as possible, so when we do things like the twist and the electric slide we like to get the kids on stage," said Lisa M., Honey Bear singer.

At the conclusion of the first show the dance team met with the audience and autographed posters, T-shirts and hats.

The next day the Honey Bears performed twice during the Independence Day celebration at the Crossroads Amphitheater.

"The Honey Bears were a great addition to the Fourth of July celebration," said Petty Officer 3rd class Aaron McPike, Seabee builder with Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron. "They were all very nice and could dance unbelievably."

The team hosted a dance camp on Monday, in which they taught those in attendance different dances. The children later showed off in a performance for their parents.

"We all love working with kids, so we had a lot of fun with the dance camp," said Lisa. "Performing for the military is very important to us because of everything they do for people. Its nice to be able to give a little something back to them."

The honey Bears perform a ?20s style gangster dance at the Crossroads Amphitheater July 4.
Photo by: Lance Cpl. Ben Slack