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    I got mine last year and it took me from the time I went in (June 64) to May 2009. Damn proud of it.

    Sempher Fi

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    Hi there, I came across this website while looking for eagle, globe, and anchor tattoo ideas. I already have U.S.M.C. running down my left tricep but I want the eagle, globe, and anchor. However, I want it inside my right bicep as I have an Okinawan half sleeve on my left and other stuff on the outer right as well a Joe Capobianco back piece on my back. He's one of the best in the world, google him if you don't believe me. Anyway, I have an appt. scheduled in April with him. I was going to get it inside my bicep and I never knew there was a dispute since you guys are arguing about UNIFORM REGS. This is a tattoo and I never knew there was such a debate haha. Please let me know your opinions as I am quite interested in what you all have to say. So please let me know if you think tattoos should go by uniform regs and your opinions of the eagle, globe, and anchor inside my bicep with the anchor pointing to the left (as on the seal) thanks.

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    I forgot to add that on another blog a MSGT. stated anchors are only in, when two are being displayed, such as on a uniform (my point) and that all other times it should be pointed to the left, like a singular picture/tattoo.

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    I know Joe Capobianco as well as All the other Top Artists in the World and On the Tattoo Tours.

    I've been Inked by most of them.

    Tell Joe what you want and he will know.
    It's not the First EGA he has done.

    Good Luck.

    Semper Fi,

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    Used the Stencil that we put on our UTES on top of My Right hand my Trigger Squeezing Hand that was 1970

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    Bottom or top of left forearm?

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    This thread reminds me of an old joke.
    A drunk old gal goes in and wants a pair of Elvis tattoos on the top of each thigh. On the right, Young Elvis. On the left, Old Elvis. The artist does his work and says "There you are" She looks at them and says. "WTF they look nothing like the King!" They argue about it for a while. The artist is getting afraid she won't pay so says "How about he settle this by having the next person walking by and judging?" She says "Sure, I'll go for that, but if person doesn't say they look like Elvis, I'm not paying!" They grab the next person passing by. He's an old drunk. But he's agreeable to judging. She drops her pants so he can examine the tattoos. First he looks right, then left. Then back and forth a few times. He finally stood up and said "Well, I don't know about the two on the thighs, but the one in the middle looks like Willie Nelson"

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    I would say if you are planning on getting one on the forearm, then it would be dependent on how the tattoo is positioned when your arms are at their natural position. If the tattoo runs front and back when your arms are relaxed then I would say that the anchor should be forward because for the most part anchors are located at the bow of a ship. That's no rule, but makes sense; maybe I think too much into things though...

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    So after a couple days of research this is what I came up with.

    I think something of note and possible discussion here. A few people have made comment on the Eagle Globe and Anchor tattoos and proper placement of the Anchor. So here's some food for thought. The original EGA from 1776 was a fouled anchor tangled in rope with an eagle resting on the anchor and 13 6 pointed stars above it (representing the original 13 states and freedom). All buttons showed the anchor pointing to the left (if looking at it). The same design is used as the buttons on the dress uniforms. In 1954 Commandant, General Lemuel C. Shepherd, Jr changed the design to from the crested eagle to the bald eagle and the ribbon "Semper Fidelis): Which is not on the uniform pieces. Also the OFFICIAL EGA includes a scarlet background encircled with a blue band bearing the phrases "Department of the Navy" above and "United States Marine Corps" below in white letters, the whole edged in a gold rope rim. I doubt any Marine is going to include the "Men's" Department of the Navy on their tattoo"
    My Thoughts:
    Thus: If tattooing the current Marine Corps EGA with ribbon containing Semper Fidelis The Anchor ALWAYS faces left regardless of where you place it. An EGA with anchors right with the Semper Fidelis ribbon is not on anything in the Marines. If tattooing the uniform Style EGA: NO RIBBON (which is actually a different design from enlisted to officer so make sure you Enlisted dress uniform includes Cuba and Officer dress does not: more research needed) and you are getting two then the EGA should be placed inboard IF you are in fact going for a uniform style tattoo. If your EGA is a part of a design or sleeve then personal preference is yours but you should never get a single EGA with anchor to right especially if it contains the Semper Fidelis Ribbon
    If you are overly worried about it just get the tattoo on your left arm.

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    Your answering a thread that is over 3 years old....

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    I know this is rather old, however, I came across this a feel that I must comment. If you are getting an EGA on your RIGHT bicep, regardless if you are getting 1,2 or 10 EGA's on your body the ANCHOR must ALWAYS face INBOARD towards the heart. If you look at your dress blues which way is the anchor facing? Exactly. Again it does not matter how many EGA's you plan on getting but if the EGA you get is on the RIGHT side of your body, then, the ANCHOR needs to face INBOARD. I have seen Marines with the EGA on their right arm with the EGA facing outboard and it looks retarded as it would look retarded on any uniform item.. If you want to get the EGA as in the seal then get it on your left arm. if you want the standard tattoo worthy EGA and you want it on your right arm then make sure your anchor is facing inboard. This isn't an opinion but rather a fact, look at your highest dress uniform.. If you are one of the ones that has an EGA on the right side of your body and the anchor is facing outboard, you are wrong..


    Semper Fi

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