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    Good books?

    I'm trying to find some good books about OIF. Not sure how many are even written yet. I think in honor of memorial day i'll start with: The Gift of Valor: A War Story. Has anybody read it yet?

    I tried searching and found a couple that were like: was Bush right? and stuff like that. I am looking for stuff that was written by one of us or one of our stories 1st hand. Not interested in some office jock's opinion about what happened over there!

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    Interesting that you are asking this question because I wanted to start a thread on this. Books written about combat.

    I would definitely suggest the book that I'm reading now, "Blood Stripes". Written by Captain David J. Danelo who served in Fallujah and Al Anbar Province from February to September of 2004. An excellent book that you don't want to put down IMO.

    Another good book that I've read latey is "Kill Bin Laden". It's about Delta Force operators hunt for Bin Laden in Tora Bora.

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    I would recommend 'No True Glory'. I've read a number of books on Iraq, but that that one definately stood out as one of the best.

    I would also recommend 'My Men Are My Heroes', that one was really good as well. Both of them have to do with the battle of Fallujah.

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    Kill Bin Laden was a great book, it gave a really good look inside the Elite of the Elite and also explains some of the politics of modern war as far as the CIA and the local Afghan fighters over there are concerned. Down Range by Capt. Dick Couch USN SEAL (Ret.) was a good one covering different operations performed by the SEALs in cooperation with other US and Coalition forces both in Afghanistan and Iraq, Sheriff of Ramadi by Capt. Couch covers alot of SEAL Ops in Iraq. And of course there's One Bullet Away by Capt. Fick USMC, and Shooter by GySgt. Coughlin both cover the start of the war in Iraq.

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    I recommend "Joker One". It was written by my brothers infantry platoon commander about their tour in Ramadi Iraq in 2004. It gives a first hand description about everthing they did by someone who was there in the thick of the fighting trying to lead his Marines and get them home alive. It even mentions my brother a handful of times and all about when he was wounded. Its a great read and really tells a lot about what is happening over there. Now i'm sure a lot of you Marines on this site know first hand what has and still is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. But for those of us who havent seen it with our own eyes it really opens things up. And i'll even admit I kind of teared up in some parts. It covers their entire tour from start to finish and some of the most intense fighting of OIF to date. The battle of Ramadi is covered in it, and it was even done on that History Channel show "Shootout". Anyways I can promote this book all day because I love it. If you want a good read you should definitely check it out.

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    Poolee, you don't rate to talk in the Marine only area. Now get your butt back over to the poolee area.

    Next time, just send a PM to the poster giving your suggestion, and if he wants to he can post it in this thread. Follow the rules.

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    "Blood Stripes" was excellent IMO. The book was great all the way through.

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    Been a while since I've had time to sit down and do some reading, but one that stands out that I read quite a while back was 'A Rumor of War' by Marine Lt Phil Caputo

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    'Inside Delta Force' by Eric L. Haney (Command Seargent Major, USA retired ). Excellent read !

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    Generation Kill.

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