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    3RD Tank Battalion

    Looking for Stanley Quackenboss who was from Claremont Ca and stationed with 3rd Tanks 29 Palms in 84 or anyone who was with them.

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    1984-1988, but i was on the opposite coast- PI for boot camp, 3 years at Lejeune, and then one year in Oki.
    Semper Fi!

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    Hey Devil Dog, I was in 3/1 I think India Co. Wpns Plt 0331. Most called me Luke. I remember Happy Horno as not being Happy?? Lol. I think we may have been in 3/1 the same time. It would be cool to get in contact with anyone that was in 3/1 during that time.

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    CPL Keller what part of lejune were you at . I was there from 85-1992. I was at Camp GIeger 3rd BN 8th MAR.

    Semper Fi my brother

    Stephen Doc Hansen HM3 FMF

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    Hello Platoon 2047 brother. We graduated together july 13, 1984. I hope you see this soon enough to make contact. My email is usmc02@gmail.com. Semper Fi.

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    84-88 MCRD San Diego Platoon 3085. Graduated boot camp Nov 84, then to Camp Johnson till 85. Camp Lejeune with 5th Bn 10th Marines till 86. I&I Staff in Texas till 88.

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