Combat Corpsmen, and PTSD.
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    Combat Corpsmen, and PTSD.

    WELL....I was asked in a PM, if I thought that there were varying degrees of PTSD. Truthfully, I don't give a dam.....BUT...everybody's history is different. Depending on your level of innocence, entering combat, your symptoms MUST vary. YES....Corpsmen can, and do have a different view of thier circumstances. FMF Marines, and Corpsmen are volunteers, willing to DO whatever is possible, to take the fight to the enemy, and defeat them. Personally, I took The Corpsman's Oath in Hospital Corps School, back in 1966. I swore to care for, and save the lives of the men in my matter what. No other part of the Naval Service has received more medals for bravery, and M.O.H.'s...than The Naval Hospital Corps. We don't die fighting....we die saving the lives of our Brother Marines....PERIOD. I will ALWAYS STAND by my Oath.....SEMPER FIDELIS....Doc Greek

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    Well Said!!!
    Thank you and Semper Fi Doc !!!


    - .... . / ..-. . .-- --..-- / - .... . / .--. .-. --- ..- -.. --..-- / - .... . / -- .- .-. .. -. . ... .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.-

    All Marine, All The Time...

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    Semper Fi Doc.

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    Doc,well said. I wish I could meet up with the Corp man that saved my life. I think of him just about everyday.

    bootlace15 out

  5. #5's what NUMBNUT'S smoke!!!.....DOC

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    DENIAL...isn't just a river in Egypt!! Took years for me to accept the azzhole, I saw in the bathroom mirror...every morning. Coming to grips with the truth that we can not change OUR past, was VERY difficult for me. Made me one ANGRY, violent S.O.B. in the 70's.....did some bad things. Paid, and paid, and paid...dearly, nightly, and physically....payback, is living a long life of sleepless nights. God help me.....DOC

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    Bless you DocGreek. We know you are suffering as we all are................

    bootlace15 out

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    I fortunately do not have those problems. Many friends and relatives that to though. Prayers do help!

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    I was also a Hospital Corpsman with the 1st Marine Division in Quang Nam Province. There is no work that I've ever been a part of that was as rewarding as being a Marine's "Doc". I often find my eyes getting moist whenever I recall a Marine simply saying, "Thanks Doc". I hated the Vietnam War & that's as political as I will get. But it was an honor to be associated with such a respected group of men. I hope that I was able to make a difference, and that somewhere, a Marine will remember me simply as "Doc". I consider myself to be more of a Marine than a Navy Man. But that's what combat environments will do to you. The smell of death was always present in Nam, & no one knows that better than a Marines "Doc". I hope that there are a few Marines somewhere in our great country who can look back and think, "Doc, you were a pretty good man. Thank for being there for me." That honor is as proud a feeling as I will ever know.

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    Welcome aboard, Doc! There's a couple of old 5th Marines on here from the Nam.

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    Welcome,Doc-you came to the right place.HereYou WillFeel Right at Home.Back with FMF-Marines.I spent a lot of Time at Camp Pendleton-13 area for FMF Training...62 area-C Company Ist Batt 28th Marine 5th Marine Division.Was Sent to MWSG-17 First Marine Air-Wing.I was Lucky....Welcome-These people here are Marines and Docs with Big Hearts.They will touch your Heart and Make you feel so Proud.Welcome Again 8404.God Bless and Semper Fi Always.You'll be moved,I was.....If DocGreek was here,he would befriend you in a Minute.Medi-Vac Corpsman-

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    Good morning Doc. I survived the 3/5 myself, but I rotated in Feb 69 before your time. They say I picked up that PTSD bug myself out in the bush. S/F.

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    Another day its all good. Thank you brother.

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