The anti-recruiter war
May 4th, 2009

Last year, the anti-war movement discovered that they can’t stop the war through Congress - mainly because Congress doesn’t want solutions to problems, they only want issues. So the anti-war crowd decided they would attack the troops who are detailed as recruiters. At about the same time, the Army decided to build a $12 million pilot facility called the Army Experience Center at Franklin Mills Mall near Philadelphia which has a variety of video games designed to give potential recruits a taste of the Army. I can’t wait to visit and try the shoe-shining and the latrine-scrubbing video games.

Since it opened last year, the AEC has stuck in the anti-war crowd’s craw. They’ve protested it at least once before that I know on February 16th - it kind of fizzled out, of course. So this past Saturday, they decided to make a concerted effort towards shutting the AEC down.

Our own Raoul was on the scene, of course, and he phoned in a report last night. He met them in the church parking lot where they assembled at St. Luke’s United Church of Christ. In short order, Raoul was able to get the church’s secretary to call him a mother f@#%er twice.

All of the Leftist reports say they had over 300 people to protest, Raoul tells us it wasn’t even 200 - which is surprising since the Left also says that over 30 groups participated. Even if it was 300, with 30 groups, that’s ****-poor attendance.

But the whole thing is comical. Here’s 200-300 people protesting video games. They had slogans like “If you’re not old enough to drink, you’re not old enough to kill”. So I guess, like me, they think the drinking age should be lowered, too.

IVAW Winter Soldier, Jesse Hamilton was there. His deep intellectual contribution to the discussion was; “You can’t simulate the heat. You can’t you know the cries of people who are getting killed. You can’t simulate the noise when things are exploding around you.” Well, ya know what Jesse, they get an idea of what it’s like during training, don’t they? It’s not like they load the kids on buses outside the AEC and take them straight to Iraq, do they?

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When I lived in Philly I lived not even a mile from Franklin Mills..