Prior service Marine returning to active duty questions
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    Prior service Marine returning to active duty questions

    I've read some of the other prior service threads and got some good info, but everyone's situation is a little different, so I thought I'd see what y'all think about mine. I've been wanting to return to active duty for a while - 32 years old, been out for 3 years. I had to lose a helluva lot of weight USMC max was 176 and when I started this I was 233. I didn't want to see a recruiter until I got close because honestly I didn't want to embarrass myself. I'm currently down to 181, so last week I dropped by the local recruiting office.

    The Marines there were very supportive - one of them had broken time, too - but they told me that I have to get going ASAP as more and more MOS are being closed to prior service. My old MOS 5953 is already closed, so I'll have to lat move. I had a high ASVAB score and a RE-1A code, so no problems there. Right now, though, my PFT would suck - probably about 5 pu, 70 crunches, 25-26 min run. They told me, though, don't sweat it, just make weight and pass and I'll be fine. They said they could get me into MEPS as soon as I make weight and I'd probably be set to go in about a month to a month and a half, and that given my situation no one would expect me to be a PT stud right away, so long as I'm showing the extra effort to improve.

    OK.....first of all, the Marine Corps I left a few years ago didn't make exceptions for anyone - I find it hard to believe anyone's going to cut me slack for a weak PFT. Especially since I'll be going back to a school command, where they usually cut less slack than in the fleet. Secondly, while I can make weight soon, I'm still not in what I would consider good physical shape. I've heard that the new fatboy rules say that you can get taped even if you make your weight, and right now I'm nowhere near 19%. I checked - I'm currently about 23. The last thing I want to do is get a black mark against me as soon as I get back in. Also, after reading a lot of threads here, it seems this process isn't nearly as quick or easy as they made it seem.

    Basically, they're telling me just hurry up and get in now, because in a few months prior service is going to be out of luck. Are they right? Or should I hold out for a while until I'm better prepared? I've been dying to get back in, so I'm worried about the door slamming shut on me, but I want to do this right. I didn't make the most of my first enlistment, not even close - I dragged my feet on MCIs, was satisfied with a 230ish PFT, etc. I don't want to be that guy again, I want to be the outstanding Marine I was always capable of being. But I have to actually get IN first to do that.

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    bump so perhaps someone with some insight might see it

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    Going back in...

    I'd be really interested in how the process will go for you (as I am in the same boat but going Reserves). I spoke w/a PS Recruiter and I did not get a good vibe about the whole process. And to boot, the Recruiter did not seem all that motivated (like a regular recruiter would), funny, that being his/her job.
    But I'm just starting the process anyway...

    Good luck!

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    Hope it works out for you. I'm going to be trying to get back in the next few months, so keep us posted. I think that we could all use the info, the way things change so much makes it hard to keep up sometimes.
    Keep at it though. If they keep telling you to hurry, they might just be pushing you to get in, but I'm not sure what the current boat spaces are. I pulled up the MCO and MARADMINs earlier, and looked like they would have plenty of spaces for my MOS. But that was also at the beginning of FY09.
    I know what you mean about dragging feet on MCI's and the PFT scores. I was about the same, but having gone where "the grass looks greener", I find myself wishing everyday I would have stayed.
    Just remember to keep on it, look up some the MCOs and keep on top of everything as you go through the process.
    Feel free drop me a line and I'll send ya what info I've dug up so far about getting back in.
    Semper Fi

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    Getting Back In

    I too tried the 'other side'. Needless to say, it was not greener. I finished my reserve time, gave up a slot to flight school and got out. I contacted a Prior Service Recruiter and he read off a rack of items that I need. Apparently, coming back in from another service requires an additional waiver. And the recruiter made it seem that it would be an up hill battle to get into the reserves. It was not that hard to apply to and get accepted to OCS (although I never went). The recruiter sited MCO 1040R.35 as the order to follow for re-enlistment. However, that order is currently under review per HQMC. So, I do not know what, if anything that will mean. Perhaps, they are streamlining the process for prior service enlsitments? IMO, that is something the Commandant could do to 'leave his mark' on the Corps instead of touring around to show off a new 'Olympic Style' pt suit! Either way, OCS is still an option for me and I may persue that route if getting back in the Reserves proves impossible. Any thoughts?



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    FLYBY If I had the oportunity to go to OCS to fly I'd do it if I were you. I did have that oportunity but not the flying part(eye sight), and thats another reason for me to get out; To get my Commercial/Instrument rating and fly for hire, I used the GI bil for that by the way. Now I look back few years ago and wonder sometimes when I came to that fork in the road what my life be like today If I went the other route....... P.S. OMPF came in today, going to hand deliver it to my PSR Tuesday!

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    I should have said, that I joined another service to go to flight school via W.O./O.C.S. Coming from Marine Aviation as an Avionics Technician, it was a real culture shock to see how the Guard/Army operated when it came to aviation. I could have went but thought that the 80 or so hours I would get annually to fly in the Guard just was not worth it to put up with the other things that went with it. So, giving that up, I am trying to get back in.

    As a side note, I too have my private/working on Inst. & I flew almost twice as many hours last year as the Guard pilots in my unit.

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    GC5953... I have been in the PSEP process for a return to Active Duty since mid-February of this year. I'm in no way bashing your physical shape or PFT ability, but my Recruiter said that with my score (292) and past record in the Corps of PFT's (300's) will look favorable on my package being accepted. Not sure if he waas just saying that or not. What I have learned through out this process is the Recruiter really doesn't know much and has little impact on the process. They gather the information and submit it up to the District level. Once it leaves the Recruiter's office he can't check it's status or anything. During my broken time, I worked for the MCRC as a GS civilian employee, and a few of my contacts still work down there, so I've been able to track the PSEP package all along. My Recruiter has been blown away at the amount of tracking and info I've been able to garner as the months have past. Once you have that package submitted send me a PM and I'll give you the name and phone number of the contact there at MCRC, Quantico that can help you with updates on the status of your package. Believe me, it will keep you sain through a very trying process.

    They do look at your past service record, awards, PFT's, Rifle Score's ETC... they only want to let the best back in, that being said, once that package leaves the District and is received at the Region you are pretty much in there. The Region doesn't really kick them back, that's the District's job.

    In addition to the MEPS physical, you will need to run a full PFT for the Recruiter before the package is sent off. Obviously you want to shine as brightly as you can as you are competing for space.

    Your record needs to be free of any NJP's or Courts Martial... no waivers given.

    I am in my final stage of approval, as my package is with the Monitor section. I should be swearing in and signing my new contract this coming week.

    So starting in mid-February and finishing up in mid-May is hardly a month is it...

    The reason they are telling you to hurry up is the space is limited, but the good news is once October rolls around more space and more MOS's will open back up.

    I've been training for 6 months, running, crunches, and pull ups to get myself back in Marine Corps shape to keep up with the youngsters at MOS school, as I too have to lat-move.

    For the record, I'm 35 and have been out for 10 years. The only waivers I needed were for being out more than 3 years, and a tattoo waiver. I got both of my tattoo's during my first enlistment, and they were annotated on my exit physical. That said, for the PSEP package they will require a waiver for any ink on your body.

    Please feel free to send me a PM with any questions you may have, as at this point I'm like an expert on PSEP packages... that and my former mos was ADMIN...

    I know my way around the MCO's and have been a big help to my Recruiter in getting this package together and submitted.

    Best of luck...

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    Corporal Carter -

    Very interesting post. I started the ball rolling on a package last Sept, followed up every week or two with phone calls each time being told that my package had been "sent up" and I'd hear back in a minimum of three months. Finally in February the same Marine I'd been dealing with came clean with a sudden realization that my package had never been sent off. Evidently he'd emailed an RQS form to the wrong address and since I never got it the process just halted. I'm still trying to get movement on this. So far I've submitted an OMPF/MBS request, DD-214, Physical (paid for out of pocket), photo and an RQS. Does this documentation sound right or am I tracking a bad path?

    Also, let us know how your story goes.

    Semper Fi

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    sdm2841, sorry to hear of the rough time you are having with this process. So you are going back Reserve then? You need to stay on the recruiter, call every day. Visit the office and see what documents they have together. There is a PSEP checklist, you should see what they are missing and try to nudge the process along. You are probably still going to need a MEPS physical. Also you'll need to write a statement of why you want back in. Best to ask to see the PSEP checklist and see whats left.

    I'm back in, as of May 13th...signed the re-enlistment and am now working at the local RS until my orders come down for MOS school.

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    I hope all of you trying to get back in make it and have successful careers. I got out in 88 and was only out 6 months before I came back in. I retired 3 years ago now and I tell you the truth, if they would let me I would come back in as a Gy (retired a MSgt), and go to the drill field. I even thought about sending SgtMaj Kent an email and asking if he would let me but I figure right now he and I have a decent friendship (we served together a few times) so no need in ruining that.

    But I sure wish I could

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    TOP...are you retired in Oki? If so...what's it like to live there?....DOC

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    sdm2841, any new news yet?
    JCarter73, Hows it going, any word with your ship date to MOS School, whats your feelings? Are you reviewing marching commands...LOL Because I bet your going to be doing that a lot in school since your NCO. I can't wait man. Still waiting for me to get package done. Will be bugging the PSR in a couple hours.......out

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    Quote Originally Posted by DocGreek View Post
    TOP...are you retired in Oki? If so...what's it like to live there?....DOC

    I am but I am moving back to the states in 3 weeks (Ky). I retired out of Hawaii in 06 and went to Ky then a former Regt CO of mine offered me my current job and so with the wife being from Oki we decided to give it a try. It has it's good points and bad as most places. I loved Oki when i was active, did the majority of my tour here in fact. It is just so congested now though and living on the economy has it's bad points. I'm not going to rule out never coming back, don't know why but I get the urge to move after 2 or 3 years at one

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    I didn't get that last msg edited soon enough. I am not leaving due to any negative feeling about Oki. I still love this place but I just feel it is time to give the states a shot. Since 84 I have only spent about 3 and a half years on conus, the rest of the time was Oki and Hawaii

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