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    USMC Reading list

    Hey all,

    Ok tried searching the forums already.. so if its out there, just let me know and ill start pushin'.. BUT

    Does anyone know if theres an "official" form or format for writing a book report for the usmc professional reading list? Ive spent almost an hour on google trying to find something on it but no dice. I swear i saw one before so I thought id ask.

    Thanks all,



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    I dunno about 'official' but IMHO the first book I would suggest every Marine read:

    Keeping Faith

    edit: I am not sure this is what you are looking for now that I re-read your post.... However I still recommend the book.

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    USMC Reading List:

    All I searched for was USMC reading list

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    Quote Originally Posted by coderiot View Post
    USMC Reading List:

    All I searched for was USMC reading list
    I apologize ahead of time for posting here, Marines, but I have useful info...

    Anyway, the abovementioned was useless, coderiot. That was not his question. The question was on the subject of writing in a proper format in a report for a book on the list.

    The most professional way anyone could write a report, and the most accepted way, would be in the proper "style" (style and format). Two of the most widely respected and used style guides are available from:

    University of Chicago manual of style:

    New York Times style book:

    Hope that helps,

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    I have never heard of a Marine writing a book report about material on the reading list. Is this something they look for on boards? Honestly, I have never heard of this before. I always assumed the reading list was for those who are highly motivated and want to become better Marines and leaders by reading the stories of those that came before them.

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    Also, for you poolees, I know neither of you meant any harm, but I hope you know the rules. Books, clearly you do. Coderiot, perhaps you were unaware that poolees are not to post on Marine only forums. There is a reason for the poolee hall.

    Books, in the future send a private message to the Marine who is asking the question, if you think you have valuable information for him. There is no reason why good info should not be passed on, but there is also no reason why such simple rules should be so blatantly ignored. Thus, in the future send a private message to the Marine poster in response to threads on Marine only forums, and if the Marine deems that your info helped, then he can post the info on the thread himself, so future people can also be helped.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JWDevilDog View Post

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    Hey guys,
    I can def find the list of books, but yes the question was about the format for the report. Im not big on book reports or anything.. its just i love reading military books and ive already read a number of the books off list.. so i figured why not write the report. I heard it does make a difference on boards when they look at your file and see stuff like that. Id just write a professional looking report myself, but i could have sworn i saw an actual formatted usmc version somewhere that asked specific questions about the book. so i dont want to do my own and then find out its not what they want. already asked my command, but takes forever to get anything back from them so i thought id ask here. thx guys.

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    Not sure how "official" this is

    The closest thing I found to an "offical" outline was in a Base Order from Quantico regarding some sort of contest. Enclosure (3) is a Sample Book Review. I'm not sure who generated this Review, but I havent found anything else. I know that you can turn in Book Reports and they can be put in your OMPF and it can help you if you get put on a board or something, but Im not sure of the legit steps you need to take to get it on there or who you need to turn it in to.
    >Anywho, the Base order is.. MCBO 1500.3>

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    This is a PDF file
    Encl: (1) Guidelines for Book Review Contest
    (2) Book Review Content and Format
    (3) Sample Book Review
    (4) Book Review Contest Evaluation Sheet

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