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    Quote Originally Posted by Hollywood27 View Post
    Domforce, i was just blessed with the phone call informing me that i got the UZ, unfortunatley i now have to wait til september to leave for P.I. But I just have one question, do you take the INDOC before RIP? thanks
    This thread contains a wealth of information including the answer to your question. Please start at post #1 and read all the way through it. Your question was answered on post #91.

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    What is Phase 1 of Brc called

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    Quote Originally Posted by jelliott2015 View Post
    What is Phase 1 of Brc called
    When I went through most people referred to it as 'land nav' but it consists of much more than that.

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    Thanks, Dom. All the info has been really helpful for me. What happens to Marines with UZ contracts that don't qualify expert on the rifle range?

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    You go onto RIP/MART/SNOT/whatever they're calling it these days after you graduate from SOI. You don't need to qualify expert in boot camp to go on with training.

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