Social Security exists for wounded warriors
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    Exclamation Social Security exists for wounded warriors

    Social Security exists for wounded warriors

    by Stacey Hopwood

    I read about this online recently and thought it might be useful information for our active duty readers and their families.

    When our service members are injured, the focus is on recovery first, and then getting disability compensation and treatment established through the Department of Veterans Affairs prior to their actual discharge from the military.

    Something that might fall through the cracks during an already stressful time is the fact that Social Security disability is also available for our wounded warriors. A new expedited claims process has been established to ensure a timely award of these benefits.

    The expedited process is for military service members who were disabled on or after Oct. 1, 2001, regardless of where or how the disability occurred. Individuals in the military can apply for and receive benefits even while receiving military pay.

    The Social Security Administration has developed a Web site specifically about benefits for service members. Visit to find out everything you need to know about Social Security and military service, including a link to apply for disability benefits online.

    Once the application for Social Security disability benefits is taken, it is uniquely identified as being from a military service member, and it is expedited through all phases of processing.

    Disabled military personnel may apply for disability benefits at any time while in active military status or after discharge, whether they are still hospitalized, in a rehabilitation program or undergoing outpatient treatment in a military or civilian medical facility.

    It is important to understand the definition of disability under Social Security is much different than the definition of disability for VA purposes.

    To be considered disabled under Social Security, you must be unable to do substantial work because of a physical or mental condition that is expected to either last at least one year, or that is a terminal condition expected to result in death.

    Social Security does not provide benefits for people with partial disability or short-term (less than one year) disability.

    Current military personnel pay Social Security taxes and earn Social Security coverage just like their civilian counterparts. Earnings for active-duty military service have been covered under Social Security since 1957.

    Service personnel who had inactive duty service in the reserves (such as weekend drills) have had Social Security coverage since 1988.

    The number of credits an individual needs to qualify for Social Security depends on age. If a person becomes disabled before age 24, then he or she would generally need only about 1 1/2 years of recent work.

    If the wounded service member has sufficient work credit, then Social Security must decide whether she meets Social Security's definition of disabled.

    Even if the wounded service member is still receiving pay while disabled, he can receive Social Security disability benefits. For example, if a wounded soldier is recovering in a hospital, and is expected to be unable to work for at least a year, he may be eligible to receive disability benefits even though military pay continues.

    Military service members can receive expedited service whether they apply for Social Security disability benefits online or in person at the nearest Social Security office.

    To schedule an appointment at the Clarksville Social Security office at 108 Center Pointe Drive, call 1-800-772-1213 or 931-647-5381.


    Vietnam 1968/69
    Once a Marine...Always a Marine

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    For me, it was easy to receive SSDI benefits...I really had to do nothing other than the telephonic interview with the local office. My lawyer initiated the claim for me. I was approved full benefits in about 3 months or so, so quickly that I had to wait for benefits and the 6-month period.

    I don't know if this is true or not, but from everything I have heard from some people is that NEVER happens. Usually, you apply for benefits and have to appear before a judge, and are usually denied the first time. Then you appeal and generally get granted your benefits.

    This is pure speculation on my part, but I think having Govt service helps us in our claims for disability and is "rubber stamped" approved for that reason.

    Also, they don't care if you are receiving VA compensation or retirement funds, it's not offset in any way by them.

    No veteran should be ashamed or embarrased to receive these benefits as some do. The stigma of some have tarnished it to a degree. I feel that I worked my ass off for years and paid into the system so others could receive benefits, now I am unable to work and it's my turn. I earned them and will give anybody a mouthfull of Chicklets if they say otherwise

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    I too am receiving benefits from Social Security. It wasn't a problem at all, and it relly helps out. Thanks for putting this up. They need to know about it.

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    yes sir ssi was easer than va , 100% ssi DIS/80%SERVICE CONNECTED. WAITING 2YEARS ON APPEAL. COMING IN JUNE 010,

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    You usually will only get SSDI if you have 100% disability from the VA first!

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    You don't need a 100% DVA rating to qualify for SSDI. Having worked for the Army's Wounded Warrior Program at Walter Reed for 2.5 years. I have been able to get many soldiers that only got 60% or greater SSDI. I would suggest that everyone that isn't working or going to school to apply for SSDI. Also you can get SSDI while on active duty. I'm also a former VSO (worked for the Virginia Department of Veterans Services 2005-2008). If you wish, you can contact me at

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    I just recieved SSDI a week ago this past Friday and then this Friday I was just notified by the DAV that VA just approved my 100% IU Total and Permenant. SSDI took about nine months and VA took about fourteen months. No attorneys or legal consuls. Good luck everyone and yes please file.

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    ....CONGRATULATIONS....BILLY-BOB!!!!!.....EXCELLENT NEWS!!! Now, we're in the same group of NUMBNUTS! OH! the way, I haven't got a FVCKIN' raise in 3 years, for EITHER Soc Sec, or the VA!! The GUBMINT' is spending OUR raises in Asskrackistan, to save the world from the "TALLY-BANNO'S"!!!!!
    SEMPER FI......Doc Greek......

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    That is great news Bill ,last week i also got my P and T, for me i received my soc sec 100%. before the VA gave me 100%, i claimed 07/09 and had two c and p. why is it i still feel like idid before the p and t. real strange i tell ya. now i am officially a nam bad side effect,

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    I too am receiving benefits from Social Security. It wasn't a problem at all, and it relly helps out. Thanks for putting this up. They need to know about it.

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    waiting for the va-been in rateings since august put in for disiblity with ss-denied me then set me up with a shrink app-wtf is that--- nowork record for about 10 years-should tell them something --nam-68-69-larry

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    ss looks at your mental health record that the va keeps. mite want to get in a group at the va find a theripest at va see them more than once. s/f

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    took me about 4 months to get SSDI , right now im 80% VA waiting on IU apeal since nov 2009, and aid and attendance. as far as a COLA, i dont see that coming for years,lol

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    Ok I would like some clarifaction on this.

    I am currently 70 overal disabled Vet. I recently lost my job in july, an now have been accepted into the VA Vocational Rehab program. I am currently awaiting acceptance into a school so I may get my degree.

    I currently have a PTSD pakage in. I am awaiting Drs approval for some sleeping meds an depression meds that the Mental Health Dr wants me to take. Which as soon as I get the thumbs up I will submit the meds I am on.

    Now with all this going on I can apply for SSI go through school then go to work?

    Basicaly with my GI/internal bleeding problems I am going to have to find a job that works around my problems. I have alot of tech experiance but no degree so this should help me get hired on easier. But the problem is if my health acts up again like it did last year then I will have a hard time attending school.

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    Morning Marines, by now no doubt youve all heard we are all getting a COLA finally on Jan 1st 2012. A WHOPPING 3.6 % on both VA Disability and a little under 5 % on SSDI. So.... that helps a little bit. BUT.... what I read that really upset me, was this, the new 2012 budget came out for the active duty and they get a 1.6 % COLA, thats BS.

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