Take Up The Challenge Video - Fairchild Machine
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    Take Up The Challenge Video - Fairchild Machine

    Any 8411s and/or 8412s out there that were on recruiting duty in the early to mid 80s, I am an old 8411 myself and am looking for a Fairchild video we used to use at our DTs. The name of the video is "Take Up The Challenge," and it was filmed at MCRD San Diego - has a really catchy tune associated with it. If you know where I can get my hands on this video please respond. Thus far, it has been a fruitless recon job.

    Semper Fi!

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    60 Gunner 71

    Welcome Aboard to the Best Marine Site on the net. Also welcome to your home away from home................
    We have a great crew of Marines in here from WW II to the present............
    Throw your sea bag in a corner, pull up a footlocker, sit and chat awhile........

    For the video...Someone on board maybe can point you in the right direction..........




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    Much appreciate the "Welcome Aboard." - Err!

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    60 Gunner 71 Where were you on Recruting duty I was out of RS Indianapolis,RSS South Bend, '87-'88. I do remember the tape I wonder if it be gotten through the Recruter School at MCRD San Diego. Welcome Abord Semper Fi.

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    I was with 1st District, RS Hartford, RSS Springfield - RS Hartford is now RS Springfield, and the RSS is still in Springfield. Was on duty there back in 85, only lasted six months though, and placed my request to go back to the fleet. Got a negative fit rep for it, but it was worth getting back to the real Corps. I was very good on production, though - errr! I've been out of the Corps since 88, and got hooked up with a job at the RS three years ago working with the OSO.

    I spoke to 1stSgt down at the Recruiter School in San Diego and he too remembers the video but doesn't know where to obtain one. In fact he told me if I can find one to burn a copy for him.

    The RS PANCO helped me out with the Rose Garden video, but no luck with "Take Up The Challene." Not even MCRC has a copy of this thing.

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    Used to sleep til afternoon, growing up to an easy tune, my my, How things have changed?
    I'm on my way, hear what I say. Hear what I say... Here what I say.
    Swimming and bearing, Marching by twos. Running and gunning, and shining my shoes, Then in the end it's the Honor Man Blues!
    I got my dream, I made the team. I'm proud to be called a Marine, Proud to be called a Marine.

    I loved that video. I am still friends with my recruiter, and he lives close to my home. I will give him a call, and see if he happens to have an old copy of it. After Recruiter duty, he returned to the fleet, and then came back as the Recruiting office Gunny. He might have a copy.

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    I am also looking for a copy of this video. Anyone find it yet?

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    Add me to the list. I did a search for this thing about 10 years ago with no luck. Just so you don't waste any time the Marine Corps Museum and Archives do not have a copy. I figure the only way you'll find one is if some 8412 moves and in the process of cleaning out the old house finds a stash of VHS movies. But here's hoping like hell someone finds a copy sooner :-)

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    Doesn't look like anyone has found a copy. That tune has been in my head for the last few months. Stud Sunday, thanks for posting the lyrics I've been struggling to remember them. I was never on recruiting duty so I didn't hear it that much.

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    I remember it well. Was produced in 1977. It was filmed at Parris Island, not San Diego. The featured SDI was GySgt Washington. There was a brief shot of my SDI in it during the pugil stick fight. The last time I saw it was in 2001.

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    The actual name of that video was "USMC: Take Up the Challenge." I just recalled watching it a few years ago on YouTube while doing some research on Parris Island. I just checked YouTube and couldn't locate it. You might be able to get someone to send you a digital copy by contacting the History Division at HQMC.

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