03/25/2009 02:11 PM
Marines welcomed back into normal lives

By: Shannon Peluso

CHARLOTTE -- After serving seven months in Iraq, some Charlotte-area Marines are back home. For many, it wasn’t their first tour overseas, nor will it be their last.

The transition from life at war to life at home can be a difficult one, which is why the Marine Corps is making sure the veterans have access to services they need. Sgt. Rodney Hatley knows the stresses of coming back after fighting.

It takes time to transition back over,” said Hatley, who has been deployed four times. “It ain’t easy. You want things then, right then and now. But you have to wait and learn how to have patience again."

Statistics show one out of every five Iraq War veterans suffer from some sort of post traumatic street. That’s why family readiness officer Kati Toney says it’s important for Marines and their families to know the resources available to them.