question about minor consumption.?
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    Question question about minor consumption.?

    Recently I was a high school party, and yes there was alcohol involved, I do apologize ahead of time. I was just wandering if this deals with me, because the cops showed up to the house, and got everyone's information name address and phone number, but they did not breathalyse us and we have not received any phone calls yet. I think I'm on the safe side, I won't be doing that for some time, but for minor consumption do they write you a ticket? I just need to know if I'm in the clear because I know that with a minor consumption its possibly a D'Q in boot camp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jrod2009 View Post
    ...but for minor consumption do they write you a ticket? I just need to know if I'm in the clear because I know that with a minor consumption its possibly a D'Q in boot camp.
    Yes they do.

    I'm not a LEO, but they were probably checking for past offenses.

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    Okay so if they didn't write a ticket then i"m fine? I just want to be on the safe side, I understand partying is bad, but you got to get out some times, I know until graduation it won't happen I guarantee that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jrod2009 View Post
    Okay so if they didn't write a ticket then i"m fine? I just want to be on the safe side, I understand partying is bad, but you got to get out some times, I know until graduation it won't happen I guarantee that.
    If you get one it would have been sent in the mail.

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    Usually, if you are at a party and they write your name, address, etc. down it is to verify info or something of that sort, and also usually they will tell you if you will be getting a ticket or citation. Call down to county records and ask about it maybe? I have had friends in the same situation and usually if they were not 18 nothing happened to them, but the 18 year olds got pounded with a bunch of crap.

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    It's usually not a big deal. It's never happened to me, but most people I know have gotten their information written down by the cops - multiple times - and nothing ever comes of it.

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    If they didn't breathalyze you, then your in the clear.

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    Phantom Blooper
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    Be very afraid!

    You may not have any charges against you now....but they know who you are!

    Don't screw up again.

    Although partying has always been and always will be......the law is getting very serious with it and no tolerance.

    The Marine Corps has 0 drug and alcohol related incident abuse tolerance.

    Without harping on the woes of drunk will go directly to jail and your hopes of being a Marine will be banished.

    And if you kill somebody while drunk you will be so old your ear hair will be so long the mites will be rappelling off them before you get out of jail.

    Minor consumption is underage drinking.....the Marine Corps has no tolerance for that either.

    If you want to be a Marine....change your friends and lifestyle.....being stupid is NOT an option!

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    In my opinion, as long as you dont drink and drive your fine...that is A HORRIBLE IDEA. Not only is drinking and driving horrible obviously, i know so many Marines who lose rank over it its crazy. Cops just do that **** to try to scare you, like take your number w/e w/e not like they can do anything now...they dont have proof of ****. Happened to me all the time in high school lol bah...just dont be an idiot and screw up your Marine Corps career and worse your life.

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    Hey Jrod2009,

    I am really not in a position to criticize you for being stupid regarding alcohol (Even if you weren't drinking, being around a bunch of drunk high school kids is asking for trouble for a lot of reasons.) but I will try to make you think a little bit.

    You said, "I know until graduation it won't happen." If you meant going to a house party, you really ought not even be doing that after graduation, either. I know that the Marine Corps frowns pretty severly (sp?) on underage drinking, especially while in the Pool. You aren't a poolee yet, but you will be at some point in the (hopefully not too distant) future. Re-read SSgt Phantom Blooper's post again. And again. Keep it in mind. All kinds of "youthful hijinks" (even if you were a spectator rather than a perpetrator) will get your a** in a heap of hot water as a poolee. Start practicing holding yourself to a higher standard now and it will be easier later. So, always be thinking about how your actions will reflect on you and the Marine Corps.

    Okay, I am done with the lecture. Have fun with your life, just don't be stupid. I speak from experience.

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    My best advice. Hang around other people that are highly motivated and have similar goals as you.

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    I work in a police department. If the officers didn't have you blow in a PBT, then you have nothing to worry about. Consider yourself lucky that you didn't get a citation. They will come back to haunt you. You'll have plenty of time to drink when you're of age, or if you must drink, just make sure nobody's being stupid; just keep everyone mellowed out and there will be no need for the police to come to you. On a sidenote, we had a huge underage party last week (about 30 high schoolers) on St. Patty's day. The department had to get a search warrant, too. Every last one of them got a citation

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    I don't know how your state does things, but here if we take info and do not issue a summons (ticket) you are good. Without going into long and boring case law, PD can take info down for numerous reasons.

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    You are probbably "good" as there were no charges or citations to speak of, that's a good assumption.

    If you DO join the Marine's and hit the fleet running, I'm gonna tell ya sumpin...alcohol use/abuse is one of the fastest ways to incinerate any hopes of a career.

    I seen a LOT of Marine's be denied reenlistment waivers for alcohol violations, both first term and Career Marine's.

    True story for you to chew upon:

    I was the Career Planner at MAG-14, and one day a SSgt checks into the Headquarters section from another unit, no big deal, happened all the time. He didn't offer too much info, and being a SNCO, didn't think too mcuh of it.

    After he left, a Gunny friend told me that he was awaiting trial for vehicular manslaughter and aggrivated DUI.

    Prior to him checking in, a young Marine just out of bootcamp and MCT checked into one of the schools aboard Cherry Point. Being a young Marine, he didn't yet have a car to get around. So, on one Saturday morning, he gets up, hires a cab a goes to the Walmart in Morehead City, NC to buy himself "wheels", a bicycle. The Marine got a good bike and all the required safety equipment, helmet etc. The Marine was heading back to Cherry Point on his bike, when he was hit from behind from said SSgt doing about 75 MPH. Not being disgusting, the Marine basically exploded upon impact and was killed instantly and thrown into a ditch (well, pieces). The Monday following that event, the MAG-14 Commander put all the unit CO's, XO's, and Sgt'sMaj in a van/bus and brought them to the crime scene. There were still pools of the Marine's blood in the ditch and on the road.

    Aftermath: The SSgt was Courtmartialed and sent to jail for a very long time becuase of this. More importantly, this poor young Marine was killed much too young, and the Marine's parents now hate the Marine Corps with a passion for killing their child.

    Think, think, think for yourself and the choices you make. They do have repurcussions.

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    Phantom Blooper
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    I remember reading of that incident and hearing about it on the news.

    To the other posters.....I am still under the opine...that even though a citation was not issued....that the local law enforcement has your name and you are in the spotlight....if anything goes wrong in an area where you or any of your high school cronies are hanging out at.

    As stated keeping a low profile and your nose clean is your best bet and solid advice.

    Drinking socially in society is acceptable.....drinking to drunkenness is considered taboo...leading to a host of future problems.

    The debate of age verses service to your country(Old Enough To Die-But Not Old Enough To Drink) and drinking is a subject to personal opinion and a heated debate with MADD and the military leaders.

    Even if the age was lowered...there would be numerous restrictions placed on the individual of lower age.

    Even though partying could be fun....You have to be resposible..and held accountable...

    The bottom line for underage drinkers...regardless of whether or not you got busted or it is ILLEGAL!

    You don't need to start a career with a waiver for this type of thing....even though the infraction may be considered small and void by is something that can follow you into old age....if you are lucky!

    Or something that can can shorten your life or others lives...before their time!

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