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    Got to take my first ride in a airplane today. It was a KC-135 and we got to refuel some F-15's. I got to go the tail and watch a refueling of one. Really cool experience for a first time fly. We flew for about 3 hours and went up to 21,000ft I believe.

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    Fly out of McGuire? Langley F-15s?

    Just few minutes ago I was listening to a McGuire KC-10, callsign Opec-48 refueling a C-130 with the callsign Baton-20.

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    ...2 months later he's joined the Air Force.

    That's an F-16 in that pic. Try this one:

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    Isn't that a F-16 in the pic, not a F-15?

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    WTF edited lol.

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    No Air Force for me Corporal. For the picture i just googled KC-135 and randomly picked one haha. Also got to go in the cockpit while up in the air.

    We flew out of Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in NC. Takeoff was around 11:45am and landing 2:15pm. It was a very cool experience and a good learning one. It was also neat watching the F-15's take off. I cant really remember the call sign but I know it was like Bsomething-14. These guys gave us the smooth ride.

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    BACKY is the callsign for the 77th ARS. I hear those guys on the radio too sometimes. Back in '01 I flew some missions over Afghanistan in a converted KC-135.

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    Here are some pictures i snagged with my cell phone...good quality though!

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    That's sick. Was this with your RSS or did you just go.

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    My AFJROTC unit. A couple of seniors got to fly.

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    Of we go...into the wild blue yonder...

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    lol..... i think his new fav color at least it better be sounds like hes gonna enjoy wearin it alot

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    Most definitely, AFJROTC, getting hard ons from refueling missions?

    Try landing in a helo during a sandstorm in Iraq, and NOT puking in your kevlar...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kash View Post
    Here are some pictures i snagged with my cell phone...good quality though!

    UMMMMM!! I'm telling! I know those pics were a no-no...!
    I'm just teasin. Hope you had a good time... It's all downhill from there!

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