Field Equipment of a WWII Corpsman

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Many of the Navy Corpsmen who medically supported the Marines in the Pacific during WWII, carried similar equipment as the Army combat medics. That being the two collapsible medic pouches suspended from the medic suspenders or yoke. Some corpsman carried the canvas Unit 3 pouch. Most corpsmen carried a sidearm because of the Japanese reluctance to not follow the Geneva Convention's exemption of not shooting at non-combatants.

From 1943 onward, and apparently strongly inspired by the US Army, a set of almost identical pouches made its appearance (Id rather say; of almost identical principle) they very much look alike except for the closure and extension system . The flap closes with 2 Lift-the-dot buttons, while each corner has an additional Durable press stud for better fastening; the opening has a throat which will be rolled up before closing, any inserts will be fastened by means of 2 Durable press studs; and the extendable straps are equally provided with 3 Durable press studs in lieu of the Army-type laces . The rings on either flank have no extra hooks . According to some sources, the US Army was so inspired by above improvements, it considered adopting this solution, and so it did around end 1943, early 1944 both pouches were carried with help of the Suspender (just like the Army)