Much Adu About Nothing
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    Much Adu About Nothing

    After reading through and taking part in a thread that went from motivation, to letter placement in a rank to ungodly actions against farm animals, I thought it was only fitting to start a thread that the topic could change on a dime

    Who knows where it could go....

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    Ungodly actions against farm animals?

    You're assuming that consent was never obtained!!!

    Where's PETA and the ACLU? What happens when you combine those two?

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    If you combine the two PETA and ACLU there would be a perpetual discussion on whether consent needs to be obtained! That would be PETACULA!

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    So who would represent the spanish speaking group who would sue them for their name being offensive? Does the FCC even speak Spanish?

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    Probably not, have you ever watched the spanish channel

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    Telemundo, No goats, but alot of hot women

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    Ah.. brazilian news... ah...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sscjoe View Post
    Telemundo, No goats, but alot of hot women
    Never been to Tijuana I take it

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    Lt. just think you can justify watching it as part of the job description, LOL

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    Tijuana has this thing with horses... I mean... I love Telemundo. I improve my mastery of the language by watching hot chicks wear revealing outfits and sit in front of glass anchor tables...

    Now that's positioning! That's a brand you can stand behind! Horses!

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    All i want to know is, Are the animals of legal age and are they shaven???? (HA)


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    define "of legal age", Dog years?

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    Forget that... define "shaven"!

    Is that like "cloven"?

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    All of you are warped. I'm logging off of here, as soon as one of you tells me which channel is Telemundo? 62? Buenos Noches to you!

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    Does anybody have Telemundo in HD?

    That's it, rack time. My face hurts from being in front of a computer all day. I want my dog's job. Laying around all day, playing, being fed, being scratched and petted, licking myself, humping things, peeing on stuff, and having other people pick up my crap...

    Now if they'd just fill my bowl with beer I'd sleep like a baby.

    Semper Desterto

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