Looking for Tony Perez, USMC at Pendleton 1985 - ?
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    Looking for Tony Perez, USMC at Pendleton 1985 - ?

    If you read this Tony, this is A. Johnson. We partied together countless times, especially during our WestPac in 85. Remember the Philippines? I'll never forget (as a bunch of Marines can attest to). I was with you during the rough times of your divorce, and remember when you married a Navy girl with the last name of Fears. I remember your two daughters, who were as precious as gold. I moved from California, back to Kentucky. Times got rough for a while and I lost contact with you but hopefully this will find you. It can't hurt. If it finds you, I'm flying to where ever you are. We have a lot of time to make up. I miss the hell out of you bro.

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    Why can't I edit my post? Anyway, here's his picture if anyone knows him or his whereabouts. If a mod sees this, just merge the 2 post together. Thanks.

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    Did you ever find him .... look my up on Facebook Peter Solano {steelbane) i might be able to help you. or you can Text me 951-526-4322, I believe we were on that same Float... I was with MSSG-13 USS DURHAM

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    Hey bro' I got your message and shot you a text. I hope you can help. ����

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    You know that the brothers you make in the Corps are brothers forever. That's a bond that cannot be broken. To this day, everyone knows that I am a Marine when I am checking my oil at a gas station and I don't even carry my DD-214 around my neck. I don't have a clue how they figure that out.

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    Not yet. The last time we spoke, we were both watching OJ Simpson running from the police in that white Bronco. Been some years and we were both moving around a lot. That's how we lost touch. I'm settled down now and I'm sure he is too. We went through the good and the bad together so it would be nice to hook up again.

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    If you see this Tony, you'll be shocked to find out that I finally got married. Yea I know, I never thought that would happen either but the right one finally came along. She's from Nigeria, which is where we are building a home and where we will eventually retire to. You know she had to be special to make me pop the question and I'm a better man for it.

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    Hey Junkman do you know if Tony is short for Antonio and do you know his middle name ???
    That would help a bunch... Thanks

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    His full name was Antony Perez-Cortez. I believe I have the last name in the correct order. Thanks!

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