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    Question Discharge Certificate

    I am creating this post, solely hoping someone will be able to offer some suggestions on what I should do. I served from Aug 21 01 - Feb 20 06 on Active Duty, Honorably Discharged. Served within the IRR until completion on Nov 29 08. Since then, I have yet to receive any Discharge Certificate, close to 3 months after finishing my enlistment completely. I had called the Marine Corps Mobilization Command at 1 800 255 5082 in Kansas inquiring about this in late Dec, to be informed it usually takes 2 months. I feel I should've already received this Certificate, and am pretty stumped as to why I have not. If any of you could provide me with possible guidance in what I should do next, it would be really helpful and really appreciated. Besides the standard Discharge Certificate, do you usually receive anything else upon completion of full enlistment? Thanks a lot.

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    Top ... Just to inform those of you in the same boat, the steps to take in order to receive your Discharge Certificate ... I contacted MOBCOM ... you can Google the Marine Corps Mobilization Command to get the phone number ... I spoke with someone there, who had informed me, quite a few Marines were having issues obtaining such Certificate ... He told me to request a Duplicate Discharge Certificate by emailing csc@cdc.usmc.mil ... I have, and a Sgt. had responded, letting me know that one was in the mail as of a few days ago ... Hope this helps whoever was as lost as I was ... Thanks

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    If you are signed up at millitary.com There is a section there (benifits) where you can actually request a copy of your DD-214. It will be listed on the left side of the screen.

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    If I remember correctly, it took awhile to get the manilla envelope in the mail with my certificate.

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    Go to together we served. I requested my military record and when I recieved
    it my discharge certificate was with it.

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    I have received it now. I sent the email, and they responded letting me know they'd sent it out ... I got it a few days ago

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    Good. One less thing to stress about.

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