Who was with CSSD-17 in Gulf war?
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    Who was with CSSD-17 in Gulf war?

    If you were with CSSD-17 during the gulf war, particularly during the liberation of Kuwait or was with a CSSD in Manifah Bay I would like to hear from you. I was a Heavy Equipment operator at Manifah Bay before the 1st Marine Division showed up. Anybody remember that?

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    madmike-I was w/1stmardiv.during that time. Were you also looking for platoon 3046?? I graduated with 3046 in 1988. Sgt-Sanchez,Maldonado,Higgins,Swan

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    I was in CSSD 17 I was with 7th Motors.

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    not with CSSD 17, however I believe I was with you in Oki as a 1345

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