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Thread: New POOLEE

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    New POOLEE

    Took awhile, but I'm in DEP! My ship date is 20090413.

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    Congradulations,,,,, Now,, Impress Me,,,,,,,,,

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    Great,now make it to boot camp,and graduate....

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    Congratulations...let the fun begin!

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    Lord of Life

    Too bad it was the day I die...LoL

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    Good Job ! I knew you wouldn't have any problems .

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    I leave the same day.Where are you from?

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    Congratulations now learn all you can here, PT, stay clean and out of trouble.

    Good Luck


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ant123 View Post
    I leave the same day.Where are you from?
    Nebraska. I'll be out in San Diego along with you. Modesto is in CA, right?

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    I won't get out there until the week after you guys.

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    Ya its in CA.Thats cool you are the first one ive seen leaving on that day.

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    Glad you got in, I am contracted for 20090413, but suppose to be changed as soon as current Poolee is dropped from DEP. He got accepted to a college in Michigan. But I'll be going to MCRD Parris Island.

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