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    Which MOS...?

    OK im new to all this, but i have done plenty of search on the marines.. but im stuck, I'm about to go in, and still tryin to decided what my MOS will be. Here are my choices, what I'd like is if anyone is in these, post good/bad, which is better. Thanks

    Aviation Mechanics
    Transportation Option
    Equipment/Vehicle Repair Option
    Combat Support
    Ordance Technician/metal works
    Combat Vehicle Repair Option
    Contruction/Utilities options
    Command and control electrician
    Ifantry Option
    Marine Corps Security Forces
    Military Police and Corrections
    Mechanicle Option

    Any help in any of these fields. would help out thanks

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    I was suppose to be in Aviation Mechanics, but ended up a grunt (0341 mortarman). Make sure you get it in writing....No remorse on how things worked out though. Ended up at Parris Island as a PMI.

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