Wearing Hash Marks
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    Wearing Hash Marks

    Sgt Leprecaun
    I ask you this question as you seem to be the acting garu of uniform regs. I don't think I have ever seen this question asked before and I don't know how to look it up in the uniform regs site you posted.
    Question: A young Reservist Marine was at the 08 ball and he wore Blues. He was discharged later in Nov 08. He had
    two hash marks on his sleeve. I asked him how he rated two hash marks and he said he had been in the reserves for eight years so he rated them.
    Was he correct in this or do the hash marks mean time spent on active duty. One of the former Marines told me that reservists have to spend a lot of years in the reserves to be able to rate hash marks. I am not trying to get this young Marine in trouble but myself and other former Marines would like to know.
    For any help you may give us thanks

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    So if I was prior service in the Army Infantry National Guard for 6 years and Just joined the Marines in 2016. Would I rate one hash mark?

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    Yes, you should. Hash marks are for military service, not just Marine service.

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