Anna Nicole What's the BIG Deal, on her?
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    Anna Nicole What's the BIG Deal, on her?

    I really don't see what's so Hot about this Woman?
    Maybe there's something, there but to me, she's not that attractive... I think I may have even busted her for walking the streets on Hollywood Blvd, years ago... Oh, well....

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    I Agree.....

    The woman isn't that great looking, and she is a complete idiot.

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    Hey SparrowHawk..remember grunt!
    "it's not who U know...I'ts who you blow"..I agree with U 2, she B a 'scank'

    P.S. hey Ploft when did you people start usin "suck it up"?
    I remember "Gung Ho" and "DO IT"

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    Arrow What's the BIG deal on her?

    What's the BIG deal on her? Have you seen her @ss recently???

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    So funny you bring that up Sparrow. I just asked my husband
    the same question last night. He said she was a playboy mate
    years ago and I was like "WHAT?!!! That fat, ugly thing was a play
    boy mate??!" I find that hard to believe! :rolleyes:

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    Makes no sense to me

    And the PIG got a couple of Million for that Bull SH!T TV show.

    Where does it Stop?

    Semper Fi,

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    Cool RE:Anna Nicole

    She is Big , She has Big Boobs , she is just BIG.

    As for everyone not liking her ? Whats not to like ?

    She is Big , Blond and has BIG $$$ AND Blue Eyes.

    She isn't all BAD.

    God Bless All

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    Why must men lower their standards to this?!!

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