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    I got that six pack thing workin, ladies love it when I flex!

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    Another strange storm!

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    We are Always Opened, except when we are closed OK?

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    Hey! Did you hear someone yell Dive, Dive, Dive?

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    You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel La, La, La.

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    I think that guy was trying to threaten us, he was shaking his fist!

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    Why can't I be served inside like everyone else?

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    I've not understood the large holes in the lobes, now I get it no pockets no problem!

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    I know there should be a line for this one but I just come up dry.

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    This is not what the Capt. meant when he said take it too dry dock!

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    Unh you are! hunh unh your the Idiot nah nah boo boo!

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    Baby pigmy monkies

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    Another set of pigmy monkies!

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    A full grown pigmy monkey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by W L Farmer View Post
    Damn it man i had the right away. Damn air jockeys

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