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    I just posted this last photo, I signed out after I had posted the picture now that I have signed by in I have another little red x. I have managed to post and have a seprate folder on my website on the Marine Corps Together We Serve. I don't know why these won't stay up on these posts.

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    i'm sorry but all i see are X's computer act up sometimes and mayby thats whats happening again. sorry dud.

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    It was the Cyber Space Monsters that got your pic's....
    Or maybe the Dingo ate your pic's...

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    ecfree is right I think the dog ate my pictures and I am going to stop trying to post any more for a while. I will try a zipped file and see what happens, I will do that tomorrow.

    Later, Semper Fi

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    There is a word filter on this site that doesn't like together we served and replaces it with asterics. So your file link address gets shot down in flames. Try tiny pic or photo bucket to share pictures from.

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    Thanks Bulkyker,
    I won't make any more comments about that website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by W L Farmer View Post
    Thanks Bulkyker,
    I won't make any more comments about that website.
    Farmer are you posting from your PC with out going through a Picture Host such as PhotoBuckit or Tiny Pic ?
    If so when you turn off your PC it breaks the link back .

    here is one using Free Image Hosting,

    Follow this link for it

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    And here is one for the Lady's

    Click the Image for the Large version

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    Since I talked with Bob I have gone to photo bucket, thanksfor the uhh samples bud. I guess what was frustrating me was that I was using Kodak easyshare and my pictures. Now that I know I will try and post some more here in a bit. Thanks Zebra

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    It is all in the paint

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    The Pot at the end of the Rainbow!

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