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    All in the sign!

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    All in the sign!

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    EXCELLENT, BILL!!!! A sense of humor, keeps all of "US", ALIVE!! Bless you, Buddy!!....DOC

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    As always Doc it is good to hear from you, and thanks brother. S.F. Bill

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    Quote Originally Posted by W L Farmer View Post
    to make sure you leave a tip realy good tip

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    I like that Bill, for sure you wouldn't ask for anything not on the menu hunh?

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    I hope he fails!

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    Our future is mass transit!

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    Those who won't fit on the bus system will have to ride the train!

    Last edited by W L Farmer; 03-03-09 at 07:25 PM. Reason: misspelling!

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    Not wanting to take a bus or train consider buying a quality used vehicle!

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    Driving that used vehicle does have it's draw backs!

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    Walking would be out of the question!

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    Unless we follow our leadership down the yellow brick road!

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    Even following the leadership has it's hazards oh that hurts!

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