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    Now, hmmm, let me explain this photo, ah, uh huh, never mind.

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    What was that?

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    I've often wondered how someone learned to ride a motorcycle!

    [All that is needed now is someone to run along side to hold the rider up![/quote]

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    Price of gas going up, new taxes imposed, cost of a new car, this would work!

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    No comment!

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    I said Pull Over whats the matter you, you don't know english?

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    Congested Airport!

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    You are getting tired very,very tired!

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    Whew! Good thing flooding is unlikely, it just missed a good opportunity!

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    You may say who would fall for this? May I remind you of the last election!

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    You betcha!

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    Hi Bill!

    Quote Originally Posted by marine1955 View Post
    We have that same problem with the X monster. While I am posting this I will ask you where you took those pictures of the US Airways plane?



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    I saved that as a desktop,,,,,,,

    Quote Originally Posted by W L Farmer View Post
    So I can get to sleep tonight,,,,,,,,

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    Talking do i need to say anything

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