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    Bumed Results

    Hello fellow Marines!...In February of 2008 i was discharged from the United States Marine Corps medically for my shoulder, for a possible Labral Tear which supposedly occured when my shoulder partially popped out of its socket and popped back in,for a couple of weeks my shoulder didnt get its full range of motion so i was dropped from ITB during my second to last week....after my shoulder had some rehab, I could run a High PFT again, do my 20 pull ups and all...

    But when i had my MRI results back the DOCS said the wanted to do exploritary surgery on my shoulder because they believed i had a possible Labral Tear but they could not tell for sure from the MRI. Since i could do my PFT and was working out at the base gym I assured them my shoulder was good to go...but since i refused the surgery i was discharged.

    well a couple of months after i was out i decided to get a second opinion a new MRI and X-rays from a shoulder specialist proved that my shoulder was DEFINATELY 100%, so i went to my local recruiter gave him all of my Info and he submitted it into MEPS...I then went to MEPS had all of my Physicals done and all the DOCS said I was good to go...all i had to do was go to my ORTHO COSOLE and judging by his decision my Package would be submitted for a BUMED...well like all the other Doctors said he gave me the thumbs up said my shoulder was good, he also took more X-rays as well...

    which also came up good, well i just recieved my BUMED results back and i was denied RE-ENTRY...the reason i started this thread was to ask my fellow Marines What Can I Do Now?...am i allowed to resubmit my package?...and hope they make a different decision?...I am willing to do ANYTHING I CAN to get back into the Marine Corps!....any advice is GREATLY APPRECIATED

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    I'm sorry to hear that Devil...it's a damn shame they won't let you back in. I'm not an expert on the subject matter, but I do believe that you can resubmit your package further down the road. If all the doctors gave you the good to go on the shoulder and they all said it's 100% then I don't see any reason why you'd get denied. Anyways, I hope everything works out for you and you end up back in our beloved Corps...rah

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    Thank You. I hope it all works itself out eventually, I'm thinking about writing my local congressman to see if he can help in the matter.

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    1089, that will show the twerps keeping you from getting back in that you've bout had it with their bull-ah!t. You call enough congressman and Reps., heads might start to get called in and things explained as to WHY. I feel it'd be good to go Political on them. Oh, they susposed to know more about your condition than the Drs. Just some ass-H*les that haven't grown up yet, or just holding you back at a time the Corps needs Good Men Now, just for some childish reason. Maybe its because they may be having to get out and want to hurt our Corps as much as they can. Just because you would not have an unecessary operation. They are irresponsibly SICK , but in the head, not the shoulder. My 15 cents.

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    1089, since you just were put to pasture in '08, you still have 4 more years that its rated TDRL(temporary Disability Retired List). I recomend taking all of your medical records and go before the PEB(physical Evaluation Board) again, and let them make a decision. Their decision may be final, so be ready with doing a short PRT to show them, in person, you still have good use of the shoulder. Just think, if you had not used your head, you would have had an un-necessary operation, and certainly had a good chance of problems with the shoulder the rest of your life.

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    ACE....you are absofu*kinglutely right!!! I called my Congressman, 8 years ago, to get my DD214 straightened out. TEN days later, got a call from eVetrec.com to say that my DD215, AND my 201 File, were on the way!!!! TOMMY....don't be afraid to call your Congressman, talk to his Secretary....be specific, you WILL get ACTION!! BEST OF LUCK!!!!......SEMPER FI.....Doc Greek

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    Thank You all for your replys!...i just received a phone call from a Former Colonel who works in the Department of Military Affiars, he gave me a number of a Senator in my state who is former military himself and likes to deal with situations like this, he also told me it would take at most 45 days for them to get back to me with some kind of decision!...I will keep you all updated on what happens next!

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    Let me know what they tell you. My mom is a retired lawyer living in Port St Lucie, Florida and does pro bono work for vets down there. She knows alot of the Florida politicians in that area.

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    Good luck!

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