Looking for Platoon 181 PI 1963
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    Thumbs up Looking for Platoon 181 PI 1963

    Looking for Platoon 181 PI 1963
    Contact former Marine CWO4 Joe Galvagna Jr jagalvagnajr@verizon.net

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    My father was in 180 in 1962-63 I believe.

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    Hello keithko,
    Yes 180 was one of four platoons in the series, 180, 181, 182, 183. Please tell me more about your father. Thank you.
    Joe Galvagna Jr. CWO4 USMC (ret)

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    Not much to tell, his name was Keith Laufenberg and he boxed in the corps for a while. He writes down his stories from when he was in and stuff so it's somewhat interesting to me. Here is a photo from his graduation, I think he bounced around from platoon 180 to 181 during the basic training because of his bad behavior.

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    Bottom row, 4th of the left is my pop.

    Also here is the book he wrote about his time in the Corps.


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    Not the same 180

    Sorry this is not the platoon 180 that was in my series. I was in the series that graduated in December 1963. I have learned that the series 180,1,2,3 & 4 were used a few times in 1963.
    Joe G

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