Graduated 23 Jan 2009 3rdBN I CO
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    Thumbs up Graduated 23 Jan 2009 3rdBN I CO

    Well I finally made it
    PFC Turci on deck!

    India company 3rd BN platoon 3000

    Some advice:
    Sleep with your poncho liner, never sleep under your blanket

    Make "sitdown headcalls" during freetime, get your body in a rhythm

    I'm not kidding about this, as long as you're loud as hell, the DI's will leave you alone (for the most part)

    It really is just one big mindgame

    Don't be afraid of the pits or the quarterdeck, yes it sucks at the time but it makes you strong.

    You get what you put into it.

    Do pullups on freetime, every other night.

    Don't stress yourself out about trying to learn all your USMC knowledge before boot camp, that stuff WILL be drilled into your head over and over.

    When you feel like you want to quit (if you feel that way ever) just remember why you're there. To earn the title.

    EARN your EGA, don't be a sh*tbag and go to medical everytime something hard is coming up. If you avoid everything all the time you will NOT be respected by your peers nor your drill instructors.

    Don't go to medical unless you HAVE to. You don't want to be dropped for something stupid. Everyones knees, back, etc hurts. Push through the pain.

    The fastest way out of boot camp is to graduate, trust me.

    Spend time doing things you love before bootcamp, don't obsess about the Marine Corps, it's always going to be here. Enjoy your time with family and friends while you can.

    Don't get mad at slow recruits, help them out, keep a positive attitude at all times, no matter how hard it gets.

    If you can make it through 1st phase you can make it through boot camp.

    Apply the fundamentals on the rifle range, don't shoot like you do back home and you'll get expert.

    I'll add more things when i think of more, but feel free to ask me ANYTHING. I'm here to help.

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    Congradulations! Good stuff SS109, you hit a lot of the small details I had questions about like the mentality of boot camp. I go to the hotel tomorrow night and ship out Monday, I'm so excited I want to beat the hell out of something(don't worry I'm not stupid) What's your MOS? Good luck on your upcomming training.

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    What platoon were you? 3004 honor platoon here. Good advice. Sucks we had to graduate indoors, even worse we had to run to graduation, bus forgot us. But hey last minute PT.

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    Congrats, Semper FI.

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    Semper Fi

    To answer your questions: I was in plt 3000
    MOS: Aviation Mech.

    Good luck Chevron, keep a positive attitude and you'll do fine

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    Congratulations MARINE!

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    Congratulations! You posted some good stuff on there too. Kinda made me miss boot camp...

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    Good info, I'll apply it! Congrats Marine!

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    Hoorah, and Congrats!

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    now get to the Marine Side you are not a poolee any more
    Semper Fi Marine

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    PLT 3006 Here. It was a great time.

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    Im not sure if your just mistaken or lying but 2nd Bat F Co had graduation on 23 Jan 2009, I should know is was there PFC Mackey 2129. Lima is behind Fox anyways

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    Quote Originally Posted by wannbemackb View Post
    Im not sure if your just mistaken or lying but 2nd Bat F Co had graduation on 23 Jan 2009, I should know is was there PFC Mackey 2129. Lima is behind Fox anyways
    no i'm not mistaken or lying. 3rd BN I Co graduated on Jan 23 2009

    In fact, I think you're mistaken or lying if you believe that 2nd BN graduated 23 Jan 2009

    or just smoking dope

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    Could it be one of you went to SD and the other to PI. Talk about a quick trigger finger. Damn Devils!!

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    Welcome Aboard Marines!!
    Semper Fidelis!

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