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    As many of you know, I was permanently disqualified from the Marine Corps. I am currently in the stages of processing for the Navy (I have been told the chance of being able to ship off are great!). I have chosen the rating (MOS), Hospital Corpsman so that I can hopefully get a chance to serve in the FMF. As far as going "green side", does anyone know how you get chosen for Field Medical Service School (Marine Corps' "boot camp" for corpsman)? Are most of these corpsman attached to infantry units?

    I apologize, I know this is a Marine Corps forum, but I trust you guys and know you have served alongside the corpsman! God bless you all.

    - Jacob

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    Well I don't know the answer to your question (sorry), I appreciate your interest in helping Marines. I respect you greatly lagrand, even though I am only a poolee.

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    It is possible to secure a contract that includes FMSS, the Navy is hurting for FMF Corpsmen judging by the Bonuses you would receive if you signed as one. I would recommend that you visit, it is a site that is run by Navy Corpsmen and it is packed with information. Good Luck!

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