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    Platoon Leaders Course

    I am a Sophomore interested in joining the Platoon Leaders Course. The description of the program says that you have to currently be a college student and that you attend two summer training sessions in Virginia then once you graduate (depending on how you did in the training) are offered a commission as a Second Lieutenant. It also says that even after the training if you did not want to take a commission you have the option of not joining the Marines at all. My questions are, is my research above correct?, what are the risks of signing up and then being taken out of school?, and when you are in this program are you enlisted in the Marines or still a civilian who receives military training?

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    First, try searching the forums here, and likely you'll find your answer.

    However, if you want more in depth detail, you may also want to read Lt Nathan Fick's book on becoming an officer, he gives some insight into the process.

    Your research is essentially correct, however. As far as being 'taken out of school', if you mean for some type of deployment or 'real world' mission, that's only in the movies. Doesn't happen in real life, as you wouldn't have a clue what to do as an officer of Marines yet. Don't sweat that one.

    No, you are not 'enlisted', you will be a civilian (or, rather, a 'candidate') undergoing training.

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    Thank you for the information, and no when I said pulled out of school I meant simply pulled out of the program and assigned to any detail.

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    When you're in PLC you are only on duty for your summer sessions and do not have a contractual obligation until you accept your commission. You will only get your commission after you graduate, so no, you will not be pulled out of school.

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    you will get paid though... don't think it for free.

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    They get Sergeant's pay during the summer.

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    I think at under 2 years it's like 2-2100 a month... can't remember.

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    To apply for the course you do not simply go to a regular recruiting office you have to go to the Officer Selection Office, correct?

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    if you get lost, just goto a regular recruiter (since they are everywhere) and they'll show you the way.

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