For You WW2 Lovers out there....
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    For You WW2 Lovers out there....

    Picked up a nice size 3L 1944 Dated Marine Corps Service Alpha Blouse with PFC stripes and a 2nd Marine Division Patch and only paid 30 bucks for it.

    Will post pics when I get the chance.


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    Well done mgkusmc........ sometimes I had wished we had worn Division or Wing patches while I was in...but, then...... we were all Marines and it wasn't important what we did....just WHO we were..... MARINES.

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    Cool! Post em!

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    Can't wait to see them.

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    Cpl Nelly, your signature reminds me of Bigal, hrscowboy and FISTFU! I don't know why, LMAO, they just do! hehe

    Semper Fi,


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    Heres the pics not the best quality photos sorry....if you look the 2nd Marine Division patch is actually pretty big, I was surprised at the size of it.

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    Heres the PFC and 2nd Division Patches up close......beautiful uniform....dont make em like this anymore.

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    OUTSTANDING mgk.........great piece of COOL to have something like that.......
    protect it and ENJOY it.................
    Thanks for the photos
    Semper Fi

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    Hey mgkusmc, that reminds me of my grandpa's alpha blouse from World War II complete with Corporal stripes, 3rd MarDiv patch, and the "Ruptured Duck" signifying honorable discharge above the right breast pocket. Next time I'm at my parents' house I'll take some pictures and post them here. Good stuff

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    Nice! Do you have the boots to go with it? They are really hard to find!

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    Very nice blouse. You can get WWII EGA's for it at pretty reasonable prices if you look around. Thanks for posting!

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    Thumbs down be aware mgkusmc

    Members of the USMF community:

    Today the administration was forced to suspend the account of community member "mgkusmc."

    Several members made allegations that "mgkusmc" had been dishonest in his transactions with them.

    In one particular instance involving a patch, mgkusmc accepted delivery of the patch from the seller (who kindly sent prior to receiving payment) and mgkusmc never sent payment. Mgkusmc did claim he had sent payment. The seller attempted to contact mgkusmc for further information and to hopefully get to the bottom of the ordeal. However, mgkusmc failed to respond to any further communications. In fact, the seller reported that after his last demand mgkusmc abruptly stopped using the forum. As of today, mgkusmc still has the patch and the seller has received absolutely no response.

    Several other reports involved a large "for sale" list mgkusmc had posted. Mgkusmc accepted money (primarily via PayPal) from interested buyers. Some buyers reported lengthy delays before receiving the items. Others reported that the item was never received. When members demanded the item and/or their money back, mgkusmc stopped responding to PMs or emails.

    In an interest to protect the members of this community, his account has been banned. Please use caution should you be contacted by any individual bearing this username or other known usernames, such as kirbyusmc, kirbym351, or dog508th. On other sites, he has listed that his name is "Michael Kirby" and his email is This person was alleged to have made inconsistent statements about his military service, although he strongly denies those and insists he did in fact serve in the Marine Corps and got a disability discharge.

    To summarize all known information regarding this individual (copied below from here, member tips, and other sites):


    Michael Kirby

    Newark, Ohio and Nelsonville, OH (Hocking College student)
    (May now also live in Beaufort, SC)


    cannibal_troop25 (From: Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment Forum)

    Other information:
    Born October 5, 1987.

    Claims to be a Marine Corps veteran that was wounded in Iraq and is now part of the Ohio Military Reserve; there is no evidence suggesting either is true. (Claim made at: 508preach's Profile) Other times he claims he is "an instructor at Parris Island with Field and Weapons Training Battalion;" again unverified information and it does contridict with numerous other claims. (From:

    REENACTING: Claims to have the following rank/titles for reenacting:
    FltSgt. Michael Kirby
    121 Squadron

    1st Lt. Michael Kirby
    "The Flying Coffins" Glider Pilots
    ACTIVE DUTY/RESERVE MILITARY: Claims to have the following actual military rank/title:
    Lcpl. Michael Kirby 3/4 USMC Retired

    Known Photos posted online by this individual: (via 508preach's Profile and 508peach's Profile at PlentyOfFish)

    Click to view attachment

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